Advice moving forward to next season

Right now I have about 40k rubies 181 gold chests saved. I’m currently at 16 keys and doing the fera line. As a spender I’m trying to decide whether it’s smarter to ignore this seasons mythics take the 24 keys and turn them into chests and max the timers and draconics at the end of the seasonal dragon and feras lines to push for another large jump next season like I did this season. I could really use some detailed advice with pros and cons of possible

Thank you

You’ve gone this far and you’re not going to get mythic? Although this season mythic (IMO) are not as good, they’re much better with Fera, which you are already getting. My advice is to get the mythic.


Personally I think both mythics have enough potential to be significantly more valuable than 102 extra gold chests you would get for the 17 extra keys (claiming the dragon returns 3 keys). Nockmar is not a Jaalkan in clearing max bases triple defended much, but it’s still a strong dragon. Steelwing is very tricky to fly, and I’m not good with it, but if you invest the time in it I think it is really hard to stop.

I think I would regret not getting them, and at least for me, 102 golds aren’t going to completely change next season.