Advice needed! Please help


I need help. I started playing a while back and stopped. I’m playing again but I think I leveled up too fast or something. I can’t seem to win any attacks so I can’t train or breed new dragons. Advice?


It does sound like it, you’re going to have to ask for backup from your teammates a lot at the minute so you can level your dragons. I’d also stop levelling your base until you get your dragons stronger, even if it means skipping Fort events. Speak to you team leader and explain to them.

I highly suggest following a breeding plan. There are some posted in the Strategies section of the forum.


Certainly ask your teammate for help in the meantime. If you aren’t too high a level, it might be worth starting over. Make sure, either way, you have a breeding path.


And follow Red path :joy::joy:


stop levelling until your best 3 dragons are maxxed - that you have spare xp on them but cant level more due to building restrictions.

Only gain levels in order to unlock training for your dragons.

This way you’re dragons are competitive with bases you get matched against.

Its a common mistake in lower levels and leagues to build hundreds of buildings to gain levels as quickly as possible giving you a long undefendable base and underpowered dragons.


On top of what thraxas said, ask your teammates to help you get max xp for your lvl on xp farm bases.

Basically untill you get to garnet tier, seasonal drags will be your strongest, so invest in those, the rest are only worth lvling to breeding lvl and then just save up xp for a feeding event


The good thing is your dragons will level faster because you are a higher level than you should be. It will require help but if you are on the right team you should be able to find it.


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