Advice on Breeding Event?

So I’m a level 63 and I thought this next even would have been PVP and since it was recently fort I leveled up about 10 levels and used almost all my speed ups. I didn’t save as much egg tokens as I could have either.

My next dragon I want to get is Whalegnawer and I know there are several combos to get him but I’m trying to get him and Consurgens together so I need Caladbolg and Yersinu. I currently have Yersinu, Caladbolg, and Firactus at level 6 (need my den upgraded which I can’t do until 70) and all the other rare/epic Gold’s I have ready to incubate. I was so excited to breed Whale this event but I couldn’t bc my Breeding Castle was upgrading. So I used most of my speed ups to finish it and I try to breed Whale and Yersinu and Caladbolg need to be level 8 but I can’t get them there until level 70.

The only dragons I don’t have are dragons that suck and aren’t on my breeding path like Noss, Nix, and Septys and maybe two others. I have about 50k tokens and about 50 mystic frags but I’m not sure if I should just skip the event and save everything for the next breeding event or try to level up to get Whale and earn rewards this event?

Any advice?

Not sure about the rest of it but to be honest i believe Whale and Cons will cost around 100k Tokens. I got close to him this even with 70k but the mystic frags are still just out of reach of him so i haven’t spent. I don’t believe you can even breed him till lvl 70 (I could be wrong though)

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Correct. Whale and Cons together, bred with Yersinu and Munin, cost about 100k tokens. I didn’t know this when I bred them so I got about halfway to each, and it sucked :neutral_face: Wait 'til you have enough tokens to breed something - if you don’t, wait 'til the next event.

Hey, check out Red’s Best Breeding Path, too, if it’s not the one you’re following already.

Edit: Oops, meant to reply to the thread instead of as a direct response. My bad @Zalek86

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Np. I still half bred Whale and not cons the other Co… dragon. as i have some tokens to spend on the next breed pair aswell so i shouldn’t be to dis advantaged.

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I guess it’s too late but you don’t need to speed up breeding castle just to breed. You can open breeding castle from the breeding event main page. My breeding castle is still in progress from 2 fortification ago. It takes over 40 days; still 3 days left.

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Without upgraded castle, we can’t breed 2 cureent tier dragons though.

Note. Lumen and Ferrox can provide early cheap gold eggs for builder hut.

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