Advice on my dragons

Hello I am finding some advice for my dragons, my top 3 is Drakius (7)
Zamrok, (7) and Amarok (18) I have EQ and Sage and Fae, which is the best out of those 3? I also have Danzig, Hugin, Urd and Caladbolg. Then how is it for me? I’m level 56

Depends on runes, flying preference and skill. follow a breeding plan is the best advice i can think of when discussing dragons.

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Of those your looking at equestor, fae,amarok, danzag, Hugin and Zamorok.

Those are your strongest for now. And I’ll be honest hugin and danzag are mostly breeders.

For raw strengthyou may want to look into a seasonal hunter but your not in a bad spot at all.

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I want Fae… especially with ice shock… :heart_eyes:

Anyway, I think it’s a matter of preferences. IMO, Drakius and Zamrok can be decent Warriors (while Amarok is definitely). It’s affected by how you fly your dragon.

Many people said that Equestor is decent sorcerer, due to its thunderbolt.
Sage can be good if you can fly it (probably different from when Sage is released at first, due to skill change).
Fae is good, provided that you can use its spell well (it has 0 rage cost).

With rejuvenate now healing to 30% Hugin has become quite strong, probably the strongest green dragon after Ettin.

And I agree with other posters, your dragons a looking pretty good for your level, and you’ll probably benefit from finding a good breeding plan before things get really expensive to breed.

What about Ettin? This is when you should start practicing hunters starting from ettin and then whale and onwards (imho ofcourse)

I’ll agree they are reasonable but I just don’t think they will last too long myself. But saying that I haven’t used them since the buff. I’ll take your word onthis

True they’re still line dragons, so they’ll never last very long. I got both Ettin and Hugin in my low 40s and they’ve been performing pretty much on par with my divines until now (low 70s). Next breeding my first gold legendaries come in, and at 84 the divines will have their growth spurt, so I’m sure by that time I’ll have retired all my greens. So maybe 4-5 months of active service for them, which isn’t too bad for a dragon at this level in my opinion.

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I would recommend you practice all of them and determine which you like best and who will be your primary dragons for everyday runs.

As a side note, no matter what anyone else will tell you, Fae is a really strong dragon. If you enjoy sorcerers and don’t mind the weird colors, try him out a lot.

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How do you have Caladbolg at level 56? He needs incubator level 6, which requires level 63.

I assume it’s just the egg, Caladbolg is a side-effect of some of the legendary green breeds.

I know. . . about when j get her I was like lvl 20, so I don’t even have ice shock so it’s bad for me :frowning:

Fae is a she surely

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