Advice on Turrets and Flak Towers

I have reached Level 56. I followed the advice here and just completed the first page for Bjorn and have the construction time bonus. I would like some advice on Turrets and Flak Towers. I have none so far. During this fortification event it seems like I should get some started. My questions are which ones first and why.


stick to lvling an dark/ice flak or iceflak/fire flak duo… with blue n red mage towers. with a storm tower if u can not afford a third flak which is earth flak for shield…

i personally like the ice turret fire flak n dark flak combo with blue red mage

hope it helps.

If you haven’t started on any turrets yet, I would skip them entirely.

I would stick to a maximum of two flaks, in the beginning it may seem like you have enough embers to build more, but the ember cost for leveling the flaks goes up much faster than your ability to get them, so don’t get tempted and stick to two.

As for which two, there are a lot of different opinions out there. Not an earth flak for sure, that’s really only a sensible choice as a third flak for those who spend enough to have three, replacing the storm tower.

With the other four flaks you can make six combinations:

  • Dark + Ice
  • Dark + Fire
  • Dark + Electro
  • Fire + Ice
  • Fire + Electro
  • Ice + Electro

I would not recommend the bottom two. The electro flak’s ability to boost supershots is really only a strong option when combined with the highest damage supershot, which is the dark flak.

Although it has it’s fans, I would also not recommend fire + ice. These are the lowest damage flaks by a length, and while both flaks have strong abilities I feel combining them compromises damage output too much,

So that leaves the three dark flak combo’s. All of these are strong options. I like the dark + fire the least, because the stun and damage reduction don’t synergize very well, making each other partially redundant.

Long story short, I would go for Dark + Ice or Dark + Electro. The latter one deals absolute massive damage, and will be very very strong in the lower levels. But it has no way to deal with shields and other nasty spells. Dark + Ice is more resilient, as the ice flak can get rid of shields and make sure the dark flak can do it’s job (the ice flak itself does very low damage).

I’m running Dark + Electro myself, and am quite happy with the results. I’m only fighting obsidians and the occasional low-level harbinger though. Shields are mostly dealt with by simply keeping the towers alive until the shield expires, and as soon as that happens the massive damage finishes dragons in seconds. I don’t know how well the combo will hold up into Vanguard and beyond, but I’m reasonably sure it won’t be the weakest, even if the ice flak might turn out to be the better choice.


How many ice shards, fire shards, and elemental embers do you have?

I’m going to mail you in game to see your base if you don’t mind.


Okay so, those towers I have in red circles you should store and never ever think of building them up. Ever.

Generally you want a shorter base over a longer base. “Build strong, not long”. Less towers to level up means the ones you do level will be very strong. Typically we suggest picking five towers to start with for your kill island. This should include your highest level storm, Red mage, blue mage, and two high damage towers (cannon and archer for you right now). Put your kill island where the dragons will see first. I’d put Lightning’s behind it as they have a long range, but only focus on leveling your kill island.

I’d put together a setup, but I’d like to see what embers and shards you have first.


A good defender should stagger the supershots; I personally like the combination because fire flak’s supershot mixed with dark flak’s stun pretty much ensures the dragon flying won’t get much damage done before it gets shot out of the sky.

Placing the fire flak in the back also thwarts the big disabling dragons like Axi and Fomhar, as they often choose to freeze/entrap the front dark flak and then get halved damage from the fire flak while its decent damage chips them away.

Just my two cents, more on topic though I think the other combinations are both equally useful based on what you’re trying to accomplish. Ice+Dark is good for white shields, which is really only relevant at end-game if you are facing the only really relevant warriors in the game. Dark+Electro deals massive damage immediately, Dark+Fire is more about withstanding dragon damage. Really depends on what you feel is most important.


Worth mentioning:
You don’t have to build two flaks straight away if you are worried about embers. I took the route of having only a dark flak (max for my lvl) paired with a fire turret, two mages, and a storm on my kill island. The decision mostly came because I already had the fire turret when I finally figured out how to build a base. If you decide to go with only 1 flak, make it a dark flak, and save every ember you can to build a second down the road.


I believe that pre-endgame, you don’t really need an ice flak on the kill, as there will always be bigger dragons that can kill you on pure DPS. Hence, one might prefer to consider either mitigating the dragon’s DPS (dark + fire) or increasing the damage that their base deals per second to better shoot down dragons. (dark + electro).

I went with the dark flak/electro flak combo when I was smaller. It is a very strong combo at lower levels; but as one grows, or gets better atlas gear, or starts to face stronger dragons, they may begin to find that preventing a 5-flame via mitigating the damage of a larger dragon is more practical than just aiming to shoot it down. Logically, as one grows in size towards endgame, the electro would become more relevant again, since they’d be facing dragons which are less than 2-3 tiers up…except that the ice flak has become pretty much necessary to shoot down endgame dragons.

Anyway, I feel that the fire flak+ dark flak combo is a pretty timeless choice, especially if one’s teammates know how to stagger the flaks. A level 1 ice flak on the rage drain works against white shields to drain rage.


Red, I have the following:

Ice:. 5775 shards
Fire:. 5575 shards
Elemental:. 23600 embers

Any base layout suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your well considered advice. I have a lot to read and digest now.

This was before white cloaks and white invince shields that absorb mages. Ice flaks are almost required on a base in order to hit the dragon at all.

Huge fan of ice flak and FF. Wish I never built a DF, but alas, it was the first flak out and a must have when it came out.

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Too bad you can’t put a storm tower and earth flak on then same island. That would make for some pretty powerful kill islands. But my kill island uses the electro flak + dark flak. Should I switch out? My electro flak is level 28 while my dark flak will be level 35 soon

You mean it’s a good thing they don’t. 3 seconds of invulnerable towers is not a good thing for balance.

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That seems to be a very uncommon setup, but I don’t deny it’s efficacy.
I think a DF+FF setup on a micro can be very effective under Diamond (Edit: And Upper Saph) league if there is a rage drain island with an ice flak immediately preceding it. I’ve heard the argument that a lower lvl Ice flak may be left out front as an anchor for backers. I feel that in Platinum and lower league, and even Saphire to some degree, the vast majority of attackers don’t think or bother to do so. In your particular case, and in your league, of course you would exploit the weakness; but for us mere peasants (:wink:) I think the setup I describe may be more viable that IF on the “kill.”

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Does half the team use the same setup :rofl:

I’ve personally found that Ice flak + fire flak to be too lacking in dps unless you’ve got really good gear or aren’t facing dragons in tiers too high up.

Which precludes a majority of the playerbase. Df + FF should theoretically be a good compromise if you have an ice flak to drain rage on your rage drain itself, for white invincibilities. For white cloaks…lmao. Shame on their cow, or whatever, but people seem to fail to blink the rage drain most times at lower levels anyway.

Even if it’s a Pathox and it doesn’t get drained, it’s easier to deal heavy instant damage once it un-spectrals with a more hardhitting combo to knock it out faster rather than just silence it.

I’m starting to get a little lost relative to the original question. At Level 56 what is the first Flak tower I should construct? Electro and Earth flak towers are not an option for me yet.

The dark flak is a popular option. The fire flak is probably a more timeless option that can stick with you…longer? And give you more flexibility. I think you should go with that and build that first, and then decide on your second flak later.

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