Advices on what to do with the rest of my season

Hello forum friends,
So i wanted some advices from more experienced players to know how to finish my season. I got 2 options right now, if you have some more suggestions i would take it:

Option 1:
Get Fomhard garnet stone without doing anything more.

Option 2:
Get Fomhard emerald stone and spend my left rubies to get it.

More info on what i have:
20.6k rubies ~ 51 super sigils
Level 84
Springveil progress : Fomhard(garnet definitly) - Oksana 1st page - Nollaig first 2 lines (This was my biggest mistake)

So i want to see what you guys can have for me. :grin:

Hey, that’s my opener! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If you’re level 84 then you’re pretty far away from Emerald. I suggest getting to Fomhar’s Garnet and saving your rubies for the Summer season. :t_rex:


Sorry buddy :smiley:

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I agree with raptor. Unless you spend, emerald will likely be a long way away for you. I am currently level 178 and have been playing for over 2 years now. (I’m also elite only so my progress is a bit more limited, not that I’m complaining. I’m rather happy with the state of my progress.)

I’ll be finishing my first garnet mythic when breeding comes around again, and hopefully I’ll have enough tokens left to begin work on my first emerald dragon.

Then again, you could end up in a higher league then me so you could accumulate your egg tokens more quickly :blush:


I think it really depends on your thoughts on the new seasonal dragons and how far you think you can get on those dragons next season/if you need the extra rubies to help out.

Personally, next season i’m getting egg token bonus and first half of discount rider then holding every sigil i can until the end of the season. It doesn’t look very promising so far, so i’m going to use this next season to save up absolutely everything that i can for the autumn season.


Thanks liz :blush:

Not impressed with any of these new dragons. The mythic sounds “interesting” but as full free2play i won’t be anywhre near this :joy::joy::joy:
I could get to garnet stone no prob but further it would be a little short for me.
Thanks mech

Another $220 should finish fomhar.

Hows that? XD

Yep not paying 220$ for a dragon :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Or should i go :-1:t2: on behalf of pg’s profit…?

My f2p account just finished corthie tho…

-then i had some help, time-managing-wise. XD

Level 84 f2p ig won’t finish more than 1 branch and a half :blush:

If you haven’t gone for the Egg Token boost before, I’d suggest doing that + one dragon line. Or you could incorporate a (discounted) rider into your plans if you know you’ll be able to get it + a dragon to a decent level. :t_rex:

I’m not that grindy guy on tokens and don’t have elite. Is it really worth going for egg token bonus if i’m not going to use it that much ?

Hmmm. Without elite and grinding, maybe not, so nevermind haha. I’d then suggest a discount rider + a dragon line if you can manage it. :t_rex:


If you don’t have elite, the egg token bonus is probably worth it, even if you aren’t super grindy. It’d be like upgrading to elite (token wise) without spending any money.

You just need to consider whether or not you do your egg missions regularly, even if you don’t grind them out.

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Ok thank you guys for your suggestions :grin:

If it were me, I would spend the rubies to get the emerald stone. You only have one shot at Fomhar and he’s a good dragon. He’s a better dragon than the upcoming hunter (imo) so you’d have to wait until the fall season for another, better, hunter. Yes, you probably won’t be in emerald by that point, but you would be surprised how quickly you can grow out of dragons and it’s so painful to have to retire a good dragon. It’s important to have a good hunter.
That being said, I do spend a little. I’m an elite player and I buy a pack now and again. So spending that might not be as big of a deal to me… If you are a true F2P player, you might want to just stop with the garnet stone and wait until Fall to go as far as you can on the next good hunter.
The only problem is that there is no guarantee even the fall hunters will be better than Fomhar… :woman_shrugging:
Hopefully the mythic will, but as a F2P player, I would assume you wouldn’t get that…

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