Aerial recon bug

Got aerow today and found a bug with his aerial recon spell.

If you click it as it’s expiring it will restart the first part of the spell then will Grey out


Not a new bug, used to do this with Hauheset. It’s as old as rewinding itself so I doubt it gets changed tbh


This is there for alot of spells

Looks like the hunter is another Ikaros clone who has the same amount of glitches and bugs happening to it like I try setting crap up with Ikaros and the towers even if sanded literally shoot anyways. Anyone still use Ikaro’s and have this problem with him? Cause it’s quiet ironic if Aerow is having the same problems as Ikaros but in smaller numbers maybe small now but they might get worse over time.

Comparison expected.

Sand doesn’t freeze

Closest I believe.

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Do you mean the instant recast or the greying out? The instant recast happened a lot to me back when I was flying Hauheset extensively but never saw it grey out.

Also just tried replicating it, actually works pretty consistently if you get the timing right but still no greying out of the spell :thinking:

I see this alot.
It’s more that sand disables a tower, which means if the tower is already “charging” a shot or super shot it will take that shot even when sand has been placed.

I believe (could be wrong) a disabled tower can also charge a super shot…


Sand prevents towers from attacking until they are damaged. Any projectile already in the air will still hit the dragon and shots charging will also finish to charge and then launch (e.g. fire turret)

Freeze prevents towers from attacking until the timer runs out. Any projectile already in the air will be frozen and will not hit the dragon (unless the freeze hits right as the tower launches the projectile, probably a bug though [it‘s been around for ages]).
Shots charging will stop charging and therefore won’t launch

Trap/entrap is like sand but time based instead of „towers are trapped until they take damage“


Graying out appears to only happen if you rewind on the recast

Yeah this annoys me like I thought that was cheating yesterday but it feels like they created a replica that literally is going to have the same exact problems even if it’s not a sanding dragon.

And just for the correction freezing but it disables towers so technically I treat it like a sand cause it’s great for set ups until that happened.

Couldn‘t replicate it with Hau, I can recast 3-4 times in a row but when I rewind it doesn‘t grey out. Maybe the „grey out part“ only happens with Aerow and not with Hauheset?

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