Aerow Runes / Glyphs

Any suggestions on how to rune Aerow? I attached below my current runes. Keep in mind that I have a maxed Anja and have the Exotic Sword + Shield. Also please show me your rune setup :muscle:

I’m running his legendary rune with a mythic ammo, glyphs are his mythic glyph, mythic rage ammo secondary, and raths mythic glyph seems to be working well for me I’m running talamar with the exotic weapons.

I went for all ammo as I don‘t feel like he needs much extra attack and with the dodge reloading all the ammo you can benefit extra from ammo runes.
Rage as secondary effect on most ammo runes helps too

Best advice I can give though is to fly Aerow without any runes or rider buffs first and see what it lacks most…then rune accordingly. Always keep in mind: what works for someone else might not work for you as you might be flying a dragon differently than others


In 2 weeks will replace the mythic glyph of of the tiger with the exotic glyph.

But definitely like the +3 ammo from the mythic ammo rune and rider.

I took Xandra on to get rage and ammo and rage
1 excotic rune on 1 excotic glyph I will get too

One part is the rune and qlyph my opinion rage, ammo and both excotic for him necessary

But what me astonish too in normal Attack (without Siege) this hunter is more then bad :see_no_evil:
The healing I can only say healing, where is it? Also horrible bad

I do not understand why, or May be I didn’t found, or it’s only me, who is so astonished about this mystic dragon how poor he is .
May be with the 2 excotic the glyph for sure better, but please for a mystic hunter Aerow is :see_no_evil:. Need 6 shots on a max farm or tower without defending in normal mode is :see_no_evil:

Sorry it’s not the topping of this chat

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