Aesthetic items on free slots?

Just to add a bit of life to the game, where we all have islands with free tower slots (except for those at end game who really don’t have anything to worry about), why not let us place things like houses, barracks, bunches of trees, mines, something!

It just might give each base another bit of difference, and the game a bit more life. They don’t have to do anything. Just be there instead of blank squares littering the ground.

Any thoughts?


I kind of like this idea, having decorative towers with no actual stats.

There are some downsides, like adding visual clutter, and I suspect the development cost for the art etc of a new tower is relatively high for something that’s ultimately just a gimmick. But it would be a fun thing to have, especially if there would be enough of them for some more unique looks.


I like this concept. Something in line with this idea was dragon armour. Was poorly implemented by diluting silver chest drops but the concept I really liked.

Personalisation is always a nice thing to have. I share the same concern with Morreion though that it would at the compromise of other more important improvements the game needs.

Edit: I also would not want these decorations to extend the flight time on a base in pvp situations. This might somewhat defeat the purpose of having them if no one gets to see them while flying.


Well that’s really no different from filling a base with lvl 1 archers like people do now…

Absolutely. At least Christmas trees and other decorations would be more entraining to watch burn than archer after archer after archer :joy:


Perhaps since they would be simply aesthetics and therefore no base %, they would not affect flight speed?


Sure. If it didn’t change the starting point of flight. Morreion made a great point though that it would be no different to placing towers or perches.

How would you propose that these aesthetics get added to the game?

Would make sense that they get added to skin purchases maybe? Some may be upset that we have to pay for things we used to get previously for free (temp season base skins) but, IMO, it improves the value of the current skin pack.

I would say base them on the code for totems, but without the placement restrictions, and with a 0% bonus. Give them 1 level, 1 hp. Make the material required for building them a new “decorative building token” currency, which can be obtained in the store, or perhaps in the forge for rubies.

That would require pretty much no code work, just the art department work and a few simple additions to csv files.


Elegant way to incorporate them. I suppose building tokens could be added to event prizes, packs and season lines (like candy canes and pumpkin) which would ensure that current chest and monument drops are not diluted.

Could they not just be a decor tab added here:

There could be just an unlimited placement of them. They could add some by default, 1 HP, and then as Morreion suggested then I’m sure they’d want purchasable items to add to the store so they can get more profit out of the game, be it an in-game currency, rubies, or anything else.


I like the idea, the island for me does not fit with the story. Only like 5 to 6 houses. The decorations can make islands lively!

As long as things aren’t too vibrantly colored to the point where it becomes gaudy — extra showy, in a sense that makes it seem odd or annoying — I’m all for it!

Also, as long as they’re destructible, it’s fine too. I really don’t want to see base decorations left behind in my attacks, but I guess I would be an attacker — only seeing the base for the attack — so it wouldn’t matter how I feel about it :joy:

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