Aesthetics thoughts?

I know we all want the game to be bug free, and many aren’t as fussed by new content (missions etc) as PG thinks we are, but I do get bored looking at the same graphics day in-day out.

Would it be too much to ask, to have spring bases with blossom blowing in the winds and on the trees, bright green lush vegetation in summer, orangey browns in the autumn, and cold harshness (maybe even some snow on the ground or in the wind, or dare-I-say-it some frozen water) in the winter?

Nothing crazy, but at least so every attack/defence doesn’t always feel the same. For bases both in and out of atlas btw. Some different textures every 12 or so weeks doesn’t really sound like the biggest request in the world.

And…the generic skins are awful. Really awful.

Is this just me?

A bit more life to the game would be grand, with soldiers actually looking like they’re doing something, and ships sailing about when not attacking/defending (could even be a toggle option in settings?).

Hell, let me change Velos sitting at the back of the base to a dragon of my choice. Imagine if I could brighten my base up with a Ferga?

Ok, so the last two paragraphs are me going crazy, but seriously, how is a game this old now without some creative thought into what we physically see most of the time in the game?


There’s a thread here for that

WD used to have seasonal base changes, for all players, for free. I believe that after people complained about it causing lag and making the game slower, PG decided to forego changing it up.


Then just have it as an on-off toggle in settings?

What’s the problem with that?

Off by default. Toggle on when wanted

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Isn’t there an option for that in settings still anyway? Pretty sure I saw it the other day and laughed at how useless it is now.

Yup, still there “switch to seasonal map” button:

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