Affected spellls after rider gear boost

@pgEcho can we get a clear answer if the team is looking into how spells which are intended to destroy towers (or other spells I’m not thinking about now) will behave once rider gear is buffed? The issue is that the spells are based on the dragons base health, and the gear buffs will increase a tower’s HP by up to 100%. The concern is that those spells are meant to destroy towers, and if a tower has a 100% health boost they may not destroy those towers. The increase in rider gear boost will not affect those spells since they’re based on the dragons base HP.


I have asked Echo SEVERAL times and he has yet to respond…

but yes all spells that are based on BASE stats, which are most spells (including HM, and Chaos/Havoc).

Yes we are aware of this. Right now we realize and intend for defense to get a bit more of an edge when the highest levels of defensive gear are equipped.

That said PGReive and his team are working through the finer details of how spells will be balanced in the future when players acquire max sets of all gear.

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Completely understand giving defense the edge. But a spell not functioning as intended is a separate thing.

Like will Tidal, death gaze, etc still destroy a tower? Cause it was a problem when they didn’t work on 60 farms…it would be a bigger one if they don’t work on towers.

So you are purposely messing with spells to have to fix them later? Hmmmmmm well thanks for an answer i guess.

Spells that are intended to be 1 shot kills will still behave that way.

Spells like freeze/ghostfire blast will be less effective against a fully stacked base with defensive dragon riders.


:sweat_smile: ok good to hear.

How about HM and spells like that?

And thank you for responding so quickly @pgEcho really appreciate the clarification

It’s Spring revival/Healing mark and Havoc/chaos/Talon frenzy that i am more concerned about. Key hunter spells.


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