AFK player seeking advice on coming back

Hi War Dragon forum,

I’m an AFK player who stopped playing this game about 2 years ago when platinum dragons just came out. Recently I somehow logged back in and was wondering if I should try to continue playing. I know it’s been a very long gap and have some questions:

  1. Do you generally recommend playing War Dragons at this point? My basic info is: Lv92, 1.17M defense power (without buff), have Consurgens, Khrysos and other green legendaries.
  2. If answer is yes, what kind of league/team is suitable for me and how much time/money is expected to spend in order to keep up with the pace?
  3. What are some game-changing things that came out while I was away?

Thank you for any advices!

  1. Not sure… However, that’s not too bad as lv 92.
  2. Whose pace? Casual? I spend moderate time and $0. End game? Sell all your assets.
  3. Discount for plat to n-2 (parents), more towers (F4 / Five Furious Flak Families)

Let’s see, so during your time away when plat was end tier:

  1. sapphire, garnet, emerald, obsidian, harbinger, vanguard and now empyrean tier have come out since then.
  2. 5 flak towers have been introduced and are a lot better than the legacy towers but also require elemental embers, which are in gold chests.
  3. divines are earned in seasons now and instead of fragments, their line is earned by sigils (doing well in events and also from gold chests) and come in legendary and mythic properties.
  4. a fun new world called atlas (think of risk) with xp bases and armor that improves the stats of your dragons and base has also been introduced. Can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that.
    It’s still a fun game, a massively addicting fun game, but you won’t be end tier anytime soon, but with new seasons every 3 months, you can still enjoy new content.

I would recommend looking for a team around high gold or low plat league.


If you are intent on playing for real I suggest an atlas team in high gold or low platinum. As putrid said but with atlas.

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Thank you guys for the thoughts! I think I’ll probably start with joining a team and see how it works out for me.

Check to see if you have a ‘come back’ offer to complete Platinum for free…:eyes:


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