After 1 year. Finally put chaos runes to use

Waiting for mythic renewal glyph, dont know whhat to replace epic glyph, deffo not rage glyph.

Only to find out chaos runes don’t work atm…

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Im not worried for now. But they will make it work, i really dont see any other runes I could put to him, definitely not rage runes.

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They are working on the Chaos runes.

Maybe save it for the unicorn Hunter Ammo Glyph?

IDK… Might never see it, but then again, you might.

Or throw on another Chaos. Those will stack pretty high.

Im just always up to discounted ones last two seasons. All dragons might mean nothing to me when i reach noctua anyways. Atleast this hunter is a good finisher imo.

Working on? It’s been a year!

And what about Spring revival? I guess 2020 sometime?

I don’t know what the plan with Spring’s Renewal is. Maybe the spell is not doing what they thought, maybe it is the runes.

I expect the chaos runes will be working as advertised in the near future, but I cannot (because I do not know) say for sure what near means. I think it would be less that 60 days (maybe a good bit less). I don’t work for PG, and no one has given me specific information. If they had, I probably couldn’t share it.

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