After 411 level xp soars

:smile: what will we ever do when you cant max mythic empyerians till 455 when u need more xp then the 300 wall 300k to 467k xp a lvl and shoots :point_up: odds are we see some complaints :eyes:

While the 300 wall has fallen, the 400 wall still remains standing

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Yep and a rough one haha

Well it’s an exponential function right?
5053 exp(0.00995L)

So it will grow gradually and then steeper.
It doesn’t just magically jump up at L411 or L455…



There has to be a wall somewhere or the whales would be level 2502 with all level 80 towers in every slot, right?

I agree but will complain about how rough it is because it

The whales do have level 80s all over :man_shrugging:


A curve like that is absurd. They just kicked the can down the street with the 300 wall. Levels should gradually rise without any NASA mission moon shot curve change.


Don’t you all worry, by the time a lot of players have reached 440 wall and complained here in forums, PG will do another readjustment :grin::grin:

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:smile: aint no wall

Well he did say exponential, not linear

Yes, it is. It shouldn’t be linear. But the illustrated curve has excessive climb as should be plain to see. It’s always been that way - it’s always been wrong.

It works for a while, until you hit the moonshot. The formula needs to be altered to make that moonshot happen around level… 5000. Because with an exponential function, it’s going to do that at some point, at some rate depending on the variables in the formula.


No. The problem isn’t the random Assigned level

The problem is the amount of resources to get to the next tier/step/stage. I haven’t taken a look at these yet, but they did give a discount in the previous tiers when they did the level rejig

The most important question is, how much XP will be need for next breadable dragon.
Then we can compare it like… if it was 9-10M XP between tiers, to be breedable… or will it be much more…

If it would be really much more, it could be a problem… Because it means , you will need more timer, more upgrades and and and.

mine is whicked mad but o well ill survive

They don’t need to change xp for levels, they’ll only need to change level requirements for new content. Instead of legendaries requiring 10 more levels for X level (from previous tier mythic) and mythics requiring 30 more levels for Y…level requirements would scale down at that point…now eventually yea you’ll hit a true wall but by then in game catch up mechanics should take place to reset the curve

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I’m sure if you cross PG’s palm with coin, they’ll provide the booster rockets to help you achieve orbit :wink:

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Even Newton couldn’t change the 400 wall e-curve after differentiating it. dy/dx e^x = e^x :ghost:

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