Aftermath (summer 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet

Another season, another new spreadsheet! So far everything seems exactly the same as last season. I didn’t bother to add in the Celestial Leaderboard branch, since it’s just portraits.

You can find the sheet here:


Wow what a speedness! Great!


Awesome! As always!


Wow! If only @FieryxFury was this quick


Thanks Morreion :smiley:


I’m doing 2903712713491341 things at once, meanie :frowning:


I live by these each season. Thanks so much! :purple_heart:


Any mashed potatoes?


check rebate dragon gold chest nodes 8, 15, 22. we are getting a little extra!

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You mean this bit? :grin:

But always appreciate the heads-up!


yeah, that. sorry for the interruption. :hugs:

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Added the orrery line, looks identical to last season’s


Added Axi. Looks like egg token drops all got doubled, and one stone-replacement drop of tokens got swapped with a regular timer drop. Other than that it’s the same as before.


Is it just me or are you missing the evo stones for purple-orange, plus it seems to be off for a while. Not trying to criticize or anything, but it does look either wrong or like a mistake

Ah I suppose I am missing those, Axi is a festive starting at red of course, while the others all started at orange. I can’t see the stones myself since I have Axi.

Not sure what you mean by off? Do you mean that the line is currently boosted?

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For example, where it says the garnet stone in the spreadsheet, it has sapphire for me, and some other evo stone are also out of place.

*im lazy rn and am only looking at the stones, but if you want me to look at other prizes I can

Fixed the Axi stones. And no need to check the rest, it’s just the stones I can’t see myself but I got some help.


Added the new Exotic rune line, and this is an interesting one.

As a mini value-analysis, there are a few things worth having in here. I’ll go over the nodes:

  1. 8000 Embers for 500 sigils Very nice deal, would consider it a must-get if this was in the trading post.
  2. 25 12h timers for 500 sigils This is the normal amount found in rune lines. Not terrible but not worth getting by itself.
  3. 10000 Egg Tokens for 1000 sigils This is a pretty good deal, better than what the trading post usually offers.
  4. 2 elite ice gear pieces for 1000 sigils Pretty expensive for what you get, if you even need it. Considered a filler.
  5. 3 Abyssal Eggs for 1500 sigils Very good deal if you’re going for abyssal research. These eggs cost 67k tokens to make, and 67k tokens for 2500 sigils (the cost including the gear you have to pass to get here) is a massive deal. If abyssal is really far off you might be better off with the rune dust, which is pretty decent value too, if not quite as massive.
  6. Same as 1
  7. Same as 2
  8. Same as 3
  9. 200 Chisels for 1000 sigils Not bad, normal exotic quantity, but also not amazing.
  10. Exotic IF+DF HP rune for 2500 sigils This rune, won’t be suited for everyone but potentially very strong. I like it myself.
  11. 25000 Embers for free This is a lovely gift! These are easily worth 2k sigils in my book, making the rune effectively free. If you do need embers at all, I would consider getting this even if you don’t want the rune.
  12. 8000 Embers for 800 sigils, repeatable Obviously not as good a deal as the nodes in the rest of the line, but if you need a lot of embers, these are still pretty good value compared to getting them from other sources. If this was a trading post deal, I would still call it recommended.

I was wondering does that new rune combine with the dark flak rune of old beginnings?

It will combine (be usable together) as it will be different to any other rune. So it will ‘stack’ hp values with other runes assigned to the same monument.