Aftermath (summer 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet

Is the tower line similar to last season’s tower line?

Yes, I just added it to the sheet, it looks identical to last seasons from the samples I checked.


I was wondering, why the cumulative costs of two keys within the orry line costs about 15000, if the first is 4700 and the second 7500. This might be 12200 Sigil, can you please take a look at it? :face_with_monocle:

It’s the average cost per key.

The cost for each key individually is actually not very relevant since you can’t choose to just get key 3 and not get the ones before

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Well, I see.

Two new lines added. Since they’re new, I’ll also post a short review seperately.



Hey guys ! Maybe I missed the info in the comments - my bad for the bother if it’s so - but what would you say is a must have line to get? I finally finished Ikkumma’s (at long last) and was wondering where to spend the rest of my sigils til the end of the season. Note that with how long it took me to finish Ikku’s, I’ll very, very probably not have enough to finish another line, but still. Best to be smart about how I use the rest.

I would say the archmage line. Pick gold chests where possible, timers where gold chests aren’t offered.

Oh and don’t actually build an archmage :joy: use the resources for other towers like a howitzer.


Could I ask why Archmage and not Orrery ? Not trying to be difficult here, but archmage prizes looked scarily expensive last time I checked >:(

More timers and overall rss.

If you specifically want an orrery then you will need the charges from that line.

But overall the main “new tower” line is better.


The orrery line offers pretty poor resources. Yes it costs only 40% of what the tower line costs, but also only has 25% as many timers, 30% electrum, no embers at all, and far fewer chests. The yield per sigil is just not as good.

I would recommend saving up your sigils until the last week though. There’s still a trading post in week 12 and there will be super sigil chests too. At that point you can look at your total stash and see what prize you could reach in each branch and pick the best one for your specific budget.


Alright, thanks for the advice !

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Has the spreadsheet been updated with the festive line? I checked and it didn’t seem to be, although I might just be a tad blind. Thanks in advance

Er… Good question :sweat_smile:

I blame holidays. Will fix soon!


Thanks again

Hi - once again thanks for your spreadsheet. I think there are a couple of issues with resurrection line for alternative items covering stones I.e
line 15 I see 24 Energy Packs not 20
Line 18 - 54 timers not 45
Line 21 - 10 chisels not 8
Line 24 - 1920 elementals not 1600

Also for Rider is it possible to show crafting shards. Those always tempt me :laughing:

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Are you sure this is not the 20% increase that is on the line for 2 weeks?

Looks like the other way around. When I made the sheet the 20% bonus was still up, and I assumed those values were boosted so I took 20% off for the sheet. But it looks like they weren’t boosted, since the higher values still show now. I’ll fix the sheet, thanks for pointing it out!

The amounts are shown, but I’m not planning to add the exact type each rider offers, those are quite easy to check really, and are the same for every node a rider has.

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