Aftermath (summer 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet

Now all I need is a exotic glyph for another tower lightning or storm flak tower.

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Thanks once again for the analysis Morreion! Btw there seems to be an error when trying to visit your site, not sure if it’s down?

Never mind, seems to be back.


Didn’t know there was a thread for this, thank you :slight_smile:

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The updates are UP already! :green_heart:

I mean for the sigil line spreadsheet, not the website, which I have already looked at, and which has made me relatively excited about this dragon. All I want to know is how I would like to spend my sigils, and whether or not it is worth it

Also, how was that inappropriate? It was a perfectly reasonable request and I also tried my best to be nice and respectful in my post

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Okay! Let’s give it a time! Those will be up too, SOON! :green_heart:

I WONDER about that too! :thinking: :green_heart:
Perhaps a mistake, whoever flagged your query? hmmn

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Convenience goes both ways - Morr is EU based so he’s often asleep when the event starts

He’ll get to it when he can :slight_smile:

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I can’t. The Neon site is based on game files which usually get updated well before the event start, but the spreadsheet is made entirely by hand by me just checking everything in game and typing it in. So there is no possibility for me to have it up before the information shows in game, which happens at 23:00 for me.

Usually I stay up to do updates but like everyone else I expected these to come out next week. I’ll get round to it somewhere today I’m sure


Updated the sheet. Barnov seems to be identical to the W2 line last season (normal dragon line but with extra timers).

The rider line is also a normal rider line, except there’s a repeatable node at the end with 10 days of timers for 200 sigils, which is decent value. The best deals in the trading post tend to be better value than this (like 30 days for 450 sigils last post), but those are time limited of course. And some of the timer deals in trading post are also weaker (like 6 days for 150 sigils last season). So it’s a useful node if you need more timers, but don’t really need the keys.


I never knew that he was EU, so thanks for that. I will consider this in the future regarding requests and such.


When I said “pvp opens”, I meant when the fighting starts and when you can start getting points. Not the event. The convenience of having it at that time is much greater than having it at the start of the treasure hunting phase, since we can always wait to open chests, but sometimes we are on a schedule for when my team wants to get something done. Thanks so much for getting it out when you had time.


Is the tower line similar to last season’s tower line?

Yes, I just added it to the sheet, it looks identical to last seasons from the samples I checked.


I was wondering, why the cumulative costs of two keys within the orry line costs about 15000, if the first is 4700 and the second 7500. This might be 12200 Sigil, can you please take a look at it? :face_with_monocle:

It’s the average cost per key.

The cost for each key individually is actually not very relevant since you can’t choose to just get key 3 and not get the ones before

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Well, I see.