Aftermath - Week 1 - Crystal Caves

Credits, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to PoseidonPQ of the Creators Faction and Gameplay Faction.


  • Ickumma, the Wave 1 discount invoker, will be available at a 50% discount in sigil price.
  • The Base Boost Branch will be discounted by 50% as well.
  • The Celestial Rift Key Redemption Branch will be available alongside everything else.


  • What are your goals or plans for the upcoming season?
  • Which dragon are you the most excited to fly?

:thinking: crystal caves in discount week. I dig it. Lots of free points.

Looking forward to opening chests… and the potential problems of open all :rofl:.


hmm… wonder if disney will sue for this. :rofl:


Get two mythics F2P

Unsure yet but Tzumat

Edit: the warrior’s name is so weird so I miss pronounced it for like 3 days straight


Probably the same as this season, both discounts, mission boost, wait for the tower line and claim a mythic, festive and drac chests. Certainly not claiming a full cost legendary dragon. The wave 1 rider looks pretty poor so only way Id go for a rider is if the wave 2 rider is like Sola.

For the first time in a while Im actually excited for one of the mythics. Looking forward to seeing KinnX fly. I really hope she’s good because otherwise Im pretty close to calling it quits. This season wasnt fun


Unless you’re going to massively up your scores and get in a much higher league you won’t be able to do this


PLENTY of videos! :smiling_imp: Planning to revive my channel this season since I’m super excited, starting either tomorrow or Wednesday when I get something irl out of the way

Alllllllll of them!


Both discounts, 100% egg tokens (new for me), tower branch, trading posts (hopefully they’re better this season), festive, claim mythic, draconics.

Or I might decide later to scrap the mythic and just do discounts and allllll the draconics. :thinking:

I haven’t quite studied them intently yet, but based on initial impressions, I’m looking forward to Kinnarix. Jaalkan doesn’t seem quite as appealing as Xul (who I just got) at first glance.

The discount invoker does look quite interesting though. But it’s fire. And I’m probably going to leave it in Garnet for TR/Assault/Dungeons


Don’t think I’ve missed it what’s changed in v2?

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We haven’t had a post about it yet


My sad sceptical side thinks it will be…. Mega coins on everything





Jeez dj you weren’t to announce that this early that’s the main surprise feature to elevate “player experience” and “reduce” burden of play


Perfect event to start a new season, unlimited points for everyone without fighting own team mates for personal points :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Both the discounts branch, mission bonus branch. And then back to save mode, open chests when needed. On par with chest, pretty excited with “open all” feature. Good luck to all folks :slight_smile:

Discount invoker Ikkumma,
Will be siding with mythic sorcerer, i am good fan of Kinnara family. Hope the review goes well, else easy for me to side with JaalKhan.


Goals: Getting end-game dragons and I should get to finally start on research catch up! This season seems like a good one to try getting both mythics. Unfortunately, I don’t see my resources stretching that far, so I’ll be trying to save a lot more to be ready when another good season comes along.

I’m definitely excited for Ikkumma since he seems similar to Morak with a deathgaze type invoke shot. The mythic hunter also seems like it’ll be a great substitute to take over poor LockJaw’s gear :blush:


Kinnarix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: though I won’t be able to get her till the last weeks of the season lol


Did they do anything fix the unfairness of this event? Having the bot twice is not fair and how time consuming this is for officers ? Having to be on line constantly to change targets?

They haven’t announced any changes yet, but the poster says “ver. 2”, so we may or may not be getting a forum post regarding whatever has been changed. The best thing to do is wait for an announcement.


No team had the “bot” or pve twice, it was just unfair cause not all got it and the later you got it, the more powerful it was which decided the event in the end. Really hope they fixed that.
With the officer part fully agree, we changed them during event based on time zones, that constant marking is a mess for real.