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  • Credit for this poster goes to PoseidonPQ of the Creators Faction and Gameplay Faction.
  • This will be Poseidon’s final poster ever created for the War Dragons community, as he is retiring, which was stated on his Twitter account, in the poster, and in his post on the forums that you can access here.


  • This is the final week of the season, so respectively, the final week for Super Sigil Chests, the festive branch with the abundance of Draconic Chests, and typically everything else.


  • What do you hate about modern society?
  • Is there anything that has changed in history that you feel should never have changed?

People can’t seem to ever put their phones down. It’s especially frustrating when you’re eating out, trying to have a nice conversation and they’re glued to their phone. :expressionless:


The pervasiveness of stoopidity.

In recent history, civility.


Team Save Inners for new Season event :partying_face:

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Glad that this season is finally almost over, though not like I was for the last 3 seasons before it. This season was actually pretty good. The mythics were finally both good and I was actually excited to get one since probably last summer. I wasnt very impressed with the riders or the new towers though but overall this was one of the better seasons that we’ve had.
I want to be hopeful for next season too but it’s hard to be after last season.

Humans in general.
This notion that it it is ok to spread false information and that people actually listen to the stupid influencers more than they do trained professionals. That is it apparently considered rude to call people out on the bullsh*t they make up or do
Social medial is probably one of the worst things ever created. The basic idea might be great but it has become so mutated and toxic that we’d all be better off with it gone.

The last several years, and especially in the last year people have become so freaking entitled to levels that previously would have been thought unimaginable.
The fact that we’ve gone from an age of believing in science to beleving in crackpot theories some crazy, uneducated asshat makes up for likes/follows/attention. That we now live in an age where people are encouraging others to act at their worst instead of being ashamed of their ignorance and stupidity (I know this has always been around but we have just been going backwards so much). That facts basically are worth less than fake news and that the people who like to use that term most are the biggest suppliers of it.

I also hate this shift in games where you used to buy a game and everything was included. The game was a finished product. Now you pay for a game that feels unfinished and then pay to unlock stuff that used to be included, like characters, equipment, ect.


I agree.
Social Media has accomplished good things for sure, but I don’t think the good outweigh the bad. like:

  1. children (and adults) can now be bullied everywhere, anytime, and by anyone.
  2. children is growing up with low self-esteems, because they are not as beautiful; skinny; wearing the right designer clothes; etc as what those they identify themselves with does. (forgetting that most likely some photoshop’ish editing often happens)
  3. there is no filter - people feel entitled to say anything to others at any time - name-calling; making threats - because there is little risk involved when you are not standing in front of the person you are addressing. (this forum is also an example of that)
  4. posing as someone else, taking advantage of others especially sexual blackmailing, forcing especially children to harm themselves out of fear of what would happend if they do not.
  5. sharing pictures or videos of assaults, sexual assaults, violence, death
  6. recruiting others for illegal activities of all kinds
  7. creating bots to massively share and distribute fake news

… and new and sinuous ways to exploit or harm others find their way to Social Medias constantly.

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People wanting to be seen politically correct on matters even if they don’t really believe in them.



You should only talk the talk if you do the do

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I was staying quiet because I had no idea if what I wanted to say would turn into a flame war, but the few answers here have made me realize a lot of us do think alike. That said, what I am about to say will probably be hated by all.

I hate the childish level of entitlement that has permeated society and with it the loss of the ability to truly listen. You know, to be able to actually sit down and listen to opposing views without getting angry and try to understand. You may never agree, but understanding and walking a mile in the other’s shoes in proverbial speak seems to have disappeared completely. At the very least it is so far pushed to the back seat that society as a whole no longer encourages true discussion and more encourages dig in your heels, poo slinging levels of arguments because that is what “sells”. (Just look at “reality” tv. Most of these competition shows are all faked. The competition may be real, but the drama is faked for ratings.)

The one thing that I think should never have been created? Social media and the internet as it is today.
Social media for the allowance of being put into an echo chamber by it’s very design. It doesn’t force you out of your bubble and be exposed to new ideas that may challenge your own. It downright encourages the behavior I said above.

The internet simply because the commercialization of the internet. Sure, we may think it is amazing to be able to order something online from half the world away for cheap. We don’t take the cost of the labor into account. So many times I myself have balked at a price of something handmade that was made locally because I could get something similar (but lesser quality) for cheaper online. Which is sad. I want to support local craftsmen, but they now have to compete with online pricing which makes their labor almost worthless. (This is not for trademen like electricians, plumbers, etc because you can’t buy their services online like you can goods.)

  • At one point I was really into cross stitch and thought maybe I could buy those kits, do them, then sell them to people who actually wanted to hang them up. Nope, most for sale I found never sold at good prices and reviews said they weren’t willing to pay $300 for something that was selling for $20 in the store, $40-$80 was their max as that was 100% profit. This despite the fact that 6 months of labor went into the piece. (The labor I calculated for that piece was about $4 an hour. This was early 00s.) Worse still, you could buy something similar from an online fabric printing shop (think photo on t-shirts) for much cheaper, cut out the design, glue to a backing and hang it.
  • No one wants to pay $20 for one pair of hand made cotton/wool knitted socks when you can go down to the local box store (or buy online) 12 pairs of socks for less than that, even if the hand knitted ones are custom made to your exact foot dimensions.
  • Try freelancing. Some people will pay good rates for freelancers, but most want to pay less than minimum wage for high quality work.
  • Advertising everywhere. Buy this, buy that, go to find a recipe and be bombarded with 20 ads.

I don’t call it hate, but it’s the fact that everything became a number. You are a number, numbers define you and your life even though it has nothing to do with mathematics.

There are a lot of things that changed when they shouldn’t have but the one I think is the most important one is the “balance” in day to day life.


I usually say that it is a lack of respect for others.
If you treat others with respect, you will listen to what they have to say, and respect their opinions even though you disagree. You will act differently towards them, giving them space, not always putting yourself first.
Unfortunately (in my opinion) a lot of parents are no longer, and that has been so for a while, teaching their children to show respect to others, but rater to always put themselves first and what is even worse making them feel entitled to do so.

Not all opinions need to be respected.

Not every argument has equal weighting on both sides.

If someone has an opinion that is contrary to a weight of scientific evidence, their opinion needs to be called out as ludicrous.

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Its one thing to call it ludicrous, and trying to point out factual evidence - it is another to threaten with bodily harm.
and remember the other part is most likely just as convinced of their opinion as you are of yours

This is terrifying

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Is the limited time branch just the atlas gear? :thinking:

Morreion provided a great summary on what’s in it and your bang for your buck.


No, sorry. I more so meant I thought there was a big rune or glyph coming. I didn’t realize it was just Atlas gear.

I always check out his recommendations, but thank you! :blue_heart:


So I wasn’t the only one who thought that human were destroying society.

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In general, it seems people have really lost the desire to produce QUALITY in whatever they do or create. It seems to me, the majority are out for a quick buck, and want to make as absolute much money for doing as absolutely little as possible. This mentality seems to have become more prevalent than taking pride in what people do, and it’s a shame. It ties into what @Zamirathe said about the internet giving people access to cheap goods, and therefore the consumer has to decide if they want to pay more for (or can even afford to) a locally made or higher quality product (or can even afford to).

I’m not sure how/why it changed, but it is a shame that not only do most families required both spouses to work, but sometimes it requires one or both of them work multiple jobs. There was a time not too terribly long ago when a person could have a marginally decent job relatively speaking, and still support his/her family on one income alone.


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