Aftermath - Week 3 - Fight Pits

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to PoseidonPQ of the Creators Faction and Gameplay Faction.


  • Both seasonal discounts will now be raised to their appropriate fully-priced costs.
  • Axi, that dragon well-known for spewing rainbows, will return as the Resurrection Dragon.


  • Out of all flavor types (e.g. spicy, sweet, savory, etc.), which is your favorite?
  • Have you ever been traveling? If so, which trip was the most memorable? If not, where do you want to go?

thx :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. spicy :yum:
  2. i’ve been to turkey ,first time i experienced snow :heart_eyes:, other than that its where i live and my home country (yes they are different ,kinda like where i live more) ,i wanna go to saturn :sob: :sob: :joy: :joy:
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I guess Marabelle looks so unhappy because it’s Fight Sh*ts.

1.) Spicy, but I can’t eat spicy anymore cuz it makes my tummy hurt.

2.) Hawaii - Paradise on earth…but with a volcano you can hike across.


I like dishes with all of those flavor at once
Like this eel dish
It tastes sweet, savory, spicy… but I haven’t been able to taste a good one for years cause eel here taste disgusting and not as delicious as my grandma cooking


The horror :sob:


Is Cheesecake a flavor type?
I enjoy sweet & salty, nutty, sometimes savory. Not a fan of spicy at all.

I enjoy traveling to my backyard, my kitchen and sometimes my basement.
:star: :star: :star: :star: would go again

Not a fan of traveling outside of the house though, way too peoply out there.

I gotta agree with her. I hate this event and will be doing the bare minimum.


Tough choice. Definitely depends on my mood. Today though, I’d say savory.

My trip to Italy was my most memorable. I met some family I’d never met in person before, learned more about my family, had a great time sightseeing and oh my, did SO much shopping.



we are friends again :slightly_smiling_face:


no wonder u like pizza :joy:

  1. Sweet and/or Savory (can never really decide)
  2. I haven’t been traveling since I was little, but would really like to go to France one of these years

Okay guess I was wrong about the event this week okay sorry the facts are right this time :rofl:

That’s the types of flavors I like but is pizza a flavor? Cause if it’s not then I’d say cheese with garlic is w flavor for Garlic bread minus the crust cause I don’t really like crust most the time


It’s sweet & spicy for me! Always a GOOD combination of both flavours for my palate! :green_heart:

If I’m travelling with family, I wanna go back to Korea for the Cherry Blossoms! If I’m going solo back packing, I wanna visit again El Nido, Palawan & Boracay in the Philippines for the clear waters & happy friendly people! :green_heart:

Oh, it’s Fight Pits AGAIN! Definitely my LEAST favourite, but oh well we need to get through it! :upside_down_face:


I don‘t really have a favorite, there‘s good and bad food for every flavor type

Carribean was my favorite trip, wonderful memories :relaxed:


Soooooo excited for fight pits! /s

Surprisingly a fan of sour! But you can never go wrong with savory.

I went to Norway in the summer for a jumprope competition! By far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and also the most fun I’ve ever had.

Some pictures for those who are interested :slight_smile::


I’m a sweets man, even though my diabetes would disagree wit me…I swear my sweet tooth will be the death of me one day lmao

Outsdie of my home in NY; I’ve been cross country, but out of country Paris, Seville, Costa del Sol, Granada, Morocco, Sergovia, Madrid, Barcelona, and Belize!


Worst pizza I ever had was in Rome.

Although pizza originated in Italy, it was Italian Americans who made pizza what it is today:

Who Invented Pizza? - HISTORY.

My personal favorite trip was Chile. Torres del Paine Parque Nacional was amazing.

And so were the empanadas.

meh, all flavours are equal to me
but I have a special liking to things similar to gravy and bbq sauce

Also I’ve been to Tibet once, nice experience, less atmosphere than i’d typically expect. The food was good tho

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The most boring and unwanted Pvp after Kingdom Wars. Can we have another new one and get rid of the Mega Pits as well?


Any spell info for axi?

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