Aftermath - Week 7 - Temple Raid

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  • Credit for this poster goes to PoseidonPQ of the Creators Faction and Gameplay Faction.


  • The 20% prize increase in the Archmage Tower Branch continues on for its second and final week.
  • This will be where the 20% prize increase in Barnov’s and Dr. Zosha’s branches end.


  • What is your opinion on animals being held captive in zoos and circuses?
  • When someone is getting bullied or harassed, do you allow them to resolve it or step to their defense?

As long as they are kept humanely I see nothing wrong with it. When it comes to inhumane treatment of animals, it isn’t okay.

If the situation calls for it, yes.

  1. Hate circuses; I don’t believe wild animals should be caravanned across the world for entertainment. Zoos, it depends. Much like Ru said, if they’re well taken care of, maybe; but, intrinsically, I don’t like them. The animals can’t hunt for themselves; they don’t have nearly enough area to be free. Let’s not get me started on the Harambe thing. If people are horrible parents and leave a bratty child unattended, the animal should not pay with its life. We’re the ones who caged the animal; it wasn’t its choice to be there.

  2. That’s tough-- while, I’d like to say yes, there is much thought that would go into that on a situational basis. I wouldn’t want to assert myself if the person didn’t want help. Or, in dangerous physical situations, I don’t know that I’d assert myself in physical ways, but I’d alert the proper authorities. I’d also always play Devil’s Advocate and wonder who started it. Did the person being bullied do something to warrant it? I dunno without asking. I’d wanna know what I’d be getting myself into. But, that’s just my overthinking mind. :crazy_face::rofl:


Hopefully the raid feature is good. Hopefully there’ll be a mystery branch. I need something exciting :sob:

Huh, controversial choice haha. I’m gonna agree with tinru here.

Dependent on the situation but it’s typically best to step in before things escalate :slight_smile:

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Don’t destroy temples :sob:

Wat Samphran (Dragon Temple) in Thailand :thailand:


As long as their being taken cared of I won’t want to commit violence.

I just tend to resolve it and it backfires a lot.

On a related not I thought the jaalkah in the picture was a Neptus for one second and ronin the next second :rofl:

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Utterly disgusting! I have got ZERO respect to anyone that uses animals for entertainment & profit. These beautiful creatures do not live for us, they are here to be with us, to enjoy the same earth & right to life. :green_heart:

I’d normally step in & intervene. I was a victim of bullying back in High School (I was home schooled prior to entering HS) because I was always shy then & unattractive, so I know very clearly well how it feels like to be soo weak & people would just watch & do nothing, afraid to get bullied too (I assumed then). So, yes, my own experience with bullies is enough reason for me to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves. :green_heart:


Hahahaha my piece master :joy:


One of my favorite PvP… will there be a new portrait this time?

We still have the dark and earth Enraged Ursus portraits to go through.

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I wonder if we’ll see this new feature they promised was supposed to be ready.

Credible zoos that put the money into it, that are regulated and follow standards required by the AZA and that have habitats that actually allow the animals to move around then I support them. I actually wanted to go into that but just didnt have the opportunity and none of the zoos around me had those kinds of programs.
Credible zoos do more than just house animals, they’re about conservation and trying to protect endangered species or take care of injured wildlife that is brought in and cant be released back into the wild.

Circuses I don’t support, they’re not about conservation at all.


Muhafız butonu geliyor mu?

yapıldığını söylediler ama henüz resmi bir tebligat elimize ulaşmadı.

bunu anlayabiliyor musun?

  1. Animals held in captivity.

I think its a pretty complex topic :smiley:

Some animals thrive in zoo conditions and some really struggle - like killer whales and really anything that needs a large area to roam in.

A friend of mine who is a zoo keeper said she loves her animals and says how excited they are to see her throughout the day and they like lots of pats etc.

Many zoos also fund worldwide conservation efforts and help bring endangered species back.

I also think some zoos do a much better job than others there is a huge difference from Tier 1 zoos to bottom tier zoos.

So its in my view complex. There is definitely some good and bad points to consider.

  1. Someone getting bullied / harassed.

Also a tricky situation. I have stepped in a few times to help people with random drunks but it can be quite a dangerous situation especially if you don’t know the context of the altercation.

Back in school days I wish I had more courage back then to step up and defend victims but tbh back then I just took the popular and easy decision and turned a blind eye.


Zoo’s I have mixed feelings. Animals that have become injured and cannot survive in the wild or animals that have had their habitats destroyed and no longer have a place in the wild, I think have a place in THE RIGHT zoo. They need space to create the best environment for whatever species. To pull animals out of the wild for pure entertainment, I disagree with that.

Circuses are horrible.

Depends on how far it’s going. I make my presence known. I’m not a small guy and have a serious attitude so for the most part people leave me alone. And when I make it known that I am watching what’s happening, in the very few incidents I have witnessed, people tend to move on.

  1. i think it should be stopped :pleading_face:, alot of owners are cruel to them.

  2. well i live in a safe country where this does not happen much :sweat_smile: ,and so ofc if it does happen idk how to resolve it :pleading_face: :ringer_planet:

  1. As long as the animals are well cared for and treated humanely then it’s fine.

  2. Normally I would step in to defend them, but sometimes it’s necessary to let them deal with the problem themselves.

Also, hopefully I can finish Ikkumma’s Branch despite starting this season quite late(is it still possible since I just finished the first page in one event?).

  1. It depends. There is a wildlife zoo near me that saved 2 bears that were captive, malnourished and treated poorly. So thats one zoo for and one against.
    There’s also a zoo near me that has saved numerous endangered species and helped to bring a few back from extinction enough to be taken off the endangered red species list, to amber.

  2. Depends how far its going. But if one person was bullying another and you step in to defend, thats 2 vs 1, which is bullying. So its a fine line.
    If i see fighting i do try and break it up and get the parties to go their separate ways. But im a pretty big guy so it helps.


Are we going to talk about the absolute s**tshow limited time lines coming out this weekend?

If anyone was in any doubt that PG doesn’t have a clue about their own game, now you can be certain

20k for runes that will be obsolete when we are Arcanum+1