Aftermath - Week 8 - Breeding

It would appear there is no poster from Poseidon today, for which reason has yet to be announced.

News & Questions


  • From this event onward, the 20% Archmage prize increase will be set to normal.


  • Which dragons will you be breeding this event, if any?
  • What is something you admire about yourself? What is something you wish to improve on?

My answer to Question 1:

  • I will by chance be breeding Annelid, an Eldritch legendary wind invoker; this will be my first Eldritch dragon. If circumstances allow, I will also attempt to breed Vexa, an Eldritch legendary dark sorcerer. My primary goal over the course of the following 2-3 seasons is to reach endtier as quickly as possible.

research eggs. I wont waste any more eggs on unnecessary Arcanum dragons.

Edit: Debating if I want to do some Eldritch eggs now or wait for possible additional tier discounts with the new tier. I would guess the Eldritch research will come out first breeding of Fall which seems to be the schedule they’re doing now.
I do hate to over pay though for eggs that may be further discounted soon.

My ability to deal with some of the rudest and most entitled customers to ever walk the earth and not do something that would get me fired or get me arrested.

I need to work on my procrastination but that’ll never happen. Also going to sleep earlier.


Starting eldritch

I am able to get up out of bed within minutes of waking up…. When there’s food involved


I will just get the ammo and sorcerer research

The answer to your first question is im amazed by how many specific personalities i can create to deal with each person, pretty sure im borderline dissociative personality disorder already lol


ummmm… I do hope there will be a new tier, otherwise I guess I won’t be participating in the event this week. Not interested in research at this point.

My patience in many ways; the ability to push forward even if the way is unclear and reaching the goal seems absolutely hopeless; astonishing flexibility.

I do need to stop thinking I’m not good enough yet when starting something new or going on pro level from amature, etc. Trying to be a perfection from second one doesn’t let me ever begin what I have in mind.


Timber confirmed the new tier drops next breeding, not this one


So I am finally at end game, have Helminn. Will probably get some research eggs this event. No idea what yet though. Maybe backbreed a couple of the mythics I bypassed along the way. That collect them all urge is now kicking in. :laughing:

  1. I need to work on my weight. (Is there any female that isn’t honestly? :laughing: )
  2. I need to meditate more. Maybe it will help my dizziness.

Admire about myself? Hmm. I don’t take myself too seriously. I laugh at myself all the time and the absolute stupid things I do.


I plan on breeding a goose egg…no new dragons and the research i am on is now just as expensive as a dragon so…all i can do is wait another month.

I need to improve my dragon flying skills and i admire my total lack of self control with using rubies and diamonds…


Yay then I have one more total week off :joy: I finished TR on day one by getting supercharged singlehandedly lol almost didn’t open game after.

Okay I miiight get 7 Harb eggs for ammo research but I don’t want to :expressionless:


Research, research and more research.


Lumestry lumestry lumestry final breeding


Isn’t this a long time with no new tier?

I will be half breeding Medusys,
I can fully breed but need to hold back to speed up my fort… wow never thought I would say that.

I admire the fact I have thick skin and most if not all insults I just laugh along with.
Improve on myself would be my effort levels on things. I am a bit to lazy.


It has been almost 3 months since the release of the Arcanum mythics, so I would say that things are still going their normal route. I agree that it does seem long, though.


Breeding a few emerald research eggs. Definitely glad PG held off on rolling out the new tier for a little longer - it’s hard enough to gain ground on the increasing tiers without them adding new ones.


Slowly catching up between Abyssal & Eldritch (if my bokens will permit).

I like that I’m mostly honest & humble enough to accept the things I do not know & proceed on learning them.

Time management. I am not really good at it. It felt like sometimes there are multiple radios inside my head that wanted me to do many stuffs at once & be good at it, but eventually lose interest when I’ve got it already. It’s like “okay, next!” Gaining focus is always a challenging thing for me, too, but I’m working on it. :green_heart:


Lusian and part of oculex let’s goo :grin:


Lumestry and Malok
Something I admire……I’m stubborn!
Something I wish to improve on…… I’m stubborn! Lol


Doing research, this is a weird feeling, I’ve never had a breed where I focused on that.

How do people max by doing research? I honestly don’t know how to get good points without using mystic frags.


Have lots of tokens. Can also use frags on backbreeds of dragons you don’t have yet I suppose but would be a waste really.