Aftermath - Week 8 - Breeding

Finally able to do research again for the first time in … ooooooooo 3 years?

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There has been no mention of it, so I would think not.

Dam everyone is breeding dragons so high up, and here i am just finishing sapphire and moving into Garnet. :sob: It took SOOOO LONG to get to this point and im barely able half way. Wish there were some decent dragons to look forward to getting in the next few tiers but there is none lol.


i am lvl 256 and still garnet :rofl: hopefully will get more garnet and maybe an emerald :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Dragon Lords :blush:
Does anyone have a social media account?
Would you like to take a screenshot and post it on social media when your dragon is born?
SNS is not only a place to interact with other players, but also a record of your progress of the game.
Don’t forget a hashtag #WarDragons :wink:

And please follow the CFs account. :smiley:


You haven’t experienced the hassle yet. When I was closer to your level, my movement through the tiers was swift, and I was breeding an average of 2-4 dragons per event, completing entire tiers in a span of 1-2 breeding events. This was until I exceeded Empyrean and entered into the Abyssal tier. Now, I find difficulty with breeding even one dragon, namely a mythic. (Legendaries are currently no issue, but they will be soon.) I am currently transitioning into Eldritch (as you can read in the post), and things certainly do not get better. The hassle increases as you rise, so you either get more tokens per event, or slow down in breeding progress. Prepare for the real struggle, because the lower tiers are somewhat of a cakewalk compared to the upper tiers.

  1. Abyssal Mythic (Cerberath) and 1st Eldritch (Yetin)

  2. Love me some excel, planning for WD events 4 weeks away.

  3. Limit WD gaming while WFH!


Goal is get cerbereth and Glossia

Edit: I can’t get Glossia if I go for the 3 headed guardian just a big chunk of Glossia


I brought it up but was left with no reply…:sweat_smile:

It’s ok, not doing it for recognition or perks, just want to help if I can :blush:



Please help me understand why Trading Post is selling 1,000 Yellow Fragments for Five Blues? So why would anyone trade 2000 Points to get 1,000 Points? I mean it’s 400 Points per Blue Fragment and only One Point for each Yellow Fragment, right? I’m all Fragged up!

The trade actually means you get more value progress wise, although it isn’t as good for points in events.


Is the trading Post day 1 analysis up yet?

Yes. Here. :green_heart:


Thanks Birdy

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Oh yeah void dungeon is back baby!!!


I thought Peter 247 also a part of the Creator Factions,
He’s posting many videos about WD and he got promoted to Creator’s Faction.

No, I am not part of the Creators Faction

I did reach out to PG a while back but they ghosted me…:joy:

Taking a mini vacation right now from it but will be starting up again soon :blush:

Curious to know if all of the CF players are still playing the game though…I know that Odekva retired…



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