Again and again every bigger fight making Atlas hang up

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Hey there,
Once again just now we have a bigger fight ongoing in Atlas at Britawaria where there are about 50 Primarchs fighting against each other it is happening again (as every time we have bigger assemblies going on) that Atlas is partially hanging. This means attacks are not counting although showing Glory and troops lost at the end but the Primarchs haven’t lost troops nor gained glory. There are many attacks like that which are not counting and no, this is not because someone else was quicker! The enemies are still sitting there with the same amount of troops. And this is not just one person experiencing this but many.

So basically I personally have been seeing this in every single bigger fight with more than 20-30 Primarchs involved. This is happening again and again and is a complete lottery if your attacks counts or the one from your enemy. That makes a big difference, but is just luck or bad luck.

Why is this happening? Can you please fix this eventually??? It really really sucks, sorry to say that but that’s what it is.

Especially since your rollout plans say there will quite more than a hundred new teams coming to Atlas soon - how is that going to work if your server performance is not stable even now?



We had th same issue. Hundreds of attacks happened and none of them counted. Great job on creating a aspect of the game that makes the game unplayable. Well done PG, well done

It seems unlikely that there would be an issue where attacks failed to register. Did all players delete and reinstall the game after each attack? Are you sure you all paid your internet bills? It has to be on the player end. It’s never an issue with PG.

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Stop making friends and fighting together. I swear, kids these days.


I have experience this before, except my team was on the receiving end so the bug worked in our favor xd

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Changes to the mechanics around troops on castles and primarch movement coming in v4.15 should greatly alleviate these issues. It’s not too far off now, but I apologize for the frustrations that this has caused in recent weeks.

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Thanks for responding, @PGEggToken . Looking forward to these changes and will let you know if it does not fix this. But hope it does… :heart_eyes:

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