Again to ban players


I ask for help to understand the reason of the ban of my friend.
He did not use the bug never Once he decided to just check removed it or not.
Synchronization error occurred and then banned.
probably not worth it to do so, but I think this is not a reason to deny.
because of this error, many players already fearful smi I do not think that it is this brings
fun game .
He wrote in support but no answer.
I hope for your help.
his nickname in the game Ivan19821982.


How do you know they never used a bug, we see a lot of posts like this which sometimes go on to show players have.

The sync error usually occurs if there was an action the game was not happy with. Such as multiple towers on the same spot for trying to glitch the forge.

What caused the sync error, or what action did your friend take?

@pgcampuslifer one for you.


He wanted to check out a bug fix in the forge or not


@pgcampuslifer check his account please


The question that comes to mind is WHY he would want to check that? So he could use it again as in the past? Or maybe use it now? Just curious


just wanted to check out fixed it or not: (


I too would like to know can I use the accelerations in the forge or not?


If they have done anything other than have 1 item being forged at any one time then the ban is correct. This means having 2 running at the same time or changing the time settings on your device would result in a potential ban from my understanding


but he did nothing only checked


You are not making sense. They only checked what


I would like to know why my account was banned I did nothing in the forge. I simply click the app and my teams building was glitchy I do not know why but it had a check and then it was loading and then it had a check. So did the other place above the forge and we had two wars going on I clicked on the wars and it said they had ended several thousand hours ago. But they were current wars, the chat also said current chat messages were from 7 days ago. But they weren’t they were current, I tried to collect my tokens I got a sync error, game restarts no change so I tried again sync error game restarts so I shut it off and went to work decided I’d address the issue when I had more time. And when I get off I am banned they say they are looking into it but are they or did they just want to shut me up?


If they have said they will look into it then I’m sure they will. If you had wars showing they finished thousands of hours ago or the forge not working sounds like a disconnect from your device time to the server time. Canpuslifer has been tagged and I’m sure will respond Monday


Now it’s funny you say that because I can only get on the web with my pc when my phone acts as a hotspot and the same with my android tablet I noticed a huge time difference changed on my pc. Which is strange cuz I never adjust it my phone has the right time so it doesn’t matter what it said and then he same with my tablet. I noticed it’s time had changed by several hours but it still was the right day. Is that what caused the glitch you think?


Setting the device clock forward and backward is a known bannable exploit in many games including this one.

Will wait and see what Campuslifer says, but I’m willing to bet they can trace multiple incidents of this.


No no no you have it all wrong I don’t mess with the time on either device I don’t mess with it at all. All I am saying is I noticed this had happened and asked if that might have been the cause if so theni will be more observant of the time but this has not happened before and it will not happen again. Also I had noticed the change after I had been banned not to mention it ran an hour behind my phones time by an hour. But everything’s been fine up till now. I don’t mess with the time settings because I can never get it to set right I’ll set the time zone and then the time and then I’ll exit and it still won’t be the correct time. So I think it’s best if I just don’t mess with it and I haven’t but the day of the incident my computers time use to be two hours ahead and my android use to be an hour behind. But suddenly it had jump to 11 hours hours ahead and my tablet is now 3 hours ahead. I am not sure how this occurred but it has and I know for a fact there is not multiple occurrences of this because I was unaware of such exploit. I have no need to cheat in this or any other game. And to change the time to get more egg tokens for a feeding event is a little bit dumb don’t you think? Considering you need thousands of eggs to get orange tier dragons. When I already saved up potions for quite awhile. And for the game to tell me wars had been over for several thousand hours when the tablet had only jumped 3 hours sounds kinda weird. And I haven’t any idea if that occurred before, during or after the game messed up. But if that ends up being the verdict then so be it I will delete this account and I will spread the word that pg kicks players for really no reason I asked for helped and I get judged.


Didn’t say that you did it, said that CampusLifer would be able to see if thats what happened.

Not judging you wartooth, just observing and commenting what has happened in the past with similar threads.

I for one hope you ARE INNOCENT, and that the ban gets reversed, CL will be able to tell either way


My apologies I took it the wrong way, so what you are telling me is the game records every moment or it starts recording from the first sync error? I’m just curious of how this will be determined you said if that was something I was doing then multiple incidents would be recorded?


Records every single action of everyplayer of everyday


As gox suggests the game records all activity and if anything is untoward it is reported to campuslifer to review and take action manually in most instances.

Best to wait for their reply and they can then contact you to discuss.


if you started a crafting action, it is recorded immediately like 12 hour :14 minute :56 second.

so yeah it records every single action that you did inside the game. so if you cancel an item being crafted, it will also be recorded and if you collected 3 items and did all of it within a minute, they will also see it.