AI defence nuts and bolts

does anyone have an idea of how the AI chooses supershots in base defence. Many, many players cannot rely on an active human defender in most cases. So it is critical that we know how AI defence works. Has PG put out any info, or does anyone have sage advice on this topic. Please inform me.

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As far as I know it’s random.

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AI supershots a tower every 3 seconds at random. Once it uses its 3 supershots, the rest of the base is ss free unless you have to use another dragon.


Thanks for the info guys. If AI only does a few supershots early on, then it appears that a bases kill zone should be at the front. Preferably on a super short base. I will ponder on best strategy.

Unless you think you can get a mage drain off on the right dragons vulnerable to them. :slight_smile:
It may not be a simple as putting the kill zone up front.

I’ve seen the AI wait and SS farms at the end of the run, so make what you want of that.

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