Aibrean Ammo lacking

Is it just me or Aibrean ammo seems lower than normal? I compared this with hunters with same DPS

I’m pretty sure he has 8 ammo (11 with research) like every other hunter. I haven’t noticed any significant difference to Avyx while flying.

he does run out of ammo rather quickly, due to the nature of his burst spell :confused:

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Y’all just getting too excited and smashing the screen :joy:


There is also an increased useage of Fire flaks and warrior perch dragons and atlas riders which really take a lot more ammo to kill…

Maybe it’s in my mind just that it seems to behave differently 🤷

I count 12 ammo when I fly :eyes:

How are you counting?

I shoot out all my ammo, then keep tapping until a shot comes out, and then I stop tapping and count as it fills up.

I’m getting 11 too.

On invader, I can use 3 fingers for 3 shots (what it takes for an obsidian to kill a 48) and still kill one more tower before I run out of ammo

Yea but it’ll regen while you’re shooting. 11 starting capacity +1 regen.

That could be the case, anyway… 11 is a stupid number :joy:

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That gave me a good laugh, I had to find a visual to go with it:



I don’t count the hunters ammo, but I will out of curiosity :grin: It was just a feeling when I was playing with that fellow but it’s a wrong perception I guess with so many not thinking the same :sunglasses: Thanks for all the feedback

Must be an old school player thing to count shots lol, had to know what it took to kill a tower and conserve

Or an Archer thing :man_shrugging:t3:

I see what you did there

Does everyone/anyone have the research to add extra?

I know I can triple tap 3 towers with no issue but I haven’t yet counted. I always assumed all hunters had the same number as it didn’t seem vary different.

11 is the after research number

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Ahh. So this makes that legendary ammo more important for killing on the corner.
(4 x 3 towers in rapid succession - before storm shield comes up)

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