Aibrean Discount Endate?

@pgjared @arelyna can you confirm whether the discount will end today as it states on the season’s tab, or if the discount ends when the event icon disappears (typically on a Tuesday) as discounts traditionally have?



When does the banner say the discount will end? There’s your answer

The secondary effect on Aibrean’s mythic rune says it will add one second to the spring renewal cool down, yet it does the opposite.
Point being this isn’t the first time they’ve got a description wrong.
I personally am finished with Aibrean’s line, but the answer affects teammates, friends and other players, which is why I think it’s worth asking.

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I think its 11:59PM PST 3/19/2018

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If it really is, that would be a bit of a nasty move by PG, ending the discount before people can spend their team rewards. At least in Europe where the event ends at 2am, and this would mean the discount ends at 8am. I hope that, like previous discounts, it will end when the event icon disappears. Some confirmation would be nice though.


I was also wondering if I would be able to spend my team rewards on the discount too, thanks for asking. Hope we get a reply soon.

Hi Everyone! I just spoke to the team. Aibrean will be discounted through tomorrow


tomorrow as in 11:59 PM PST 3/20/2018?

Probably 24hrs after event end.

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just making sure since people might ask again what’s the exact time (where they can set an alarm clock to wake up before XX to claim the team reward and claim the season rewards using the sigils that you got)

When the event island disappears tomorrow perhaps

There’s an event island for breeding?

Island/icon are the same thing in essence. Island & icon for major, icon for minor

Fair enough. It’s just when you say event island I naturally picture the island suddenly rising out of the sea when the treasure hunt phase starts, and then sinking dramatically back into it 24 hours after the end of the event. The minor events only get an icon :laughing:

Tomorrow (3/20/18) at 6:00pm PT


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