Aibrean - Not what was expected

So I got Aibrean and it seems he is not healing what he should. I am not good with the spell analysis but for what I saw of him runed with 1st two runes, it seems he didn’t got any better.
I wanted mainly to create this post so it becomes more visible to PG, since these comments are scattered around 2 or 3 different topics.

Edit: please feel free to copy paste from the other topics :ok_hand:

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I think what you’re looking for gets discussed here:

Towards the end.

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I know it has been discussed specially there @SavageAFforPG and thank you for pointing. But, like I said, I wanted this to be more visible to PG and for more players that feel the same to bring it here. That topic is about what runes to use on Aibrean, this one is to discuss the 20% not working as described, plus the runes.


You mean like this:

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Yes @SavageAFforPG ,thanks for adding that one too!
I don’t know if PG is taking this matter into consideration with the whole they are handling now with seasons takeoff. But I hope they get into this as for now it felt a waste of rune dust into something not that effective.

Lets keep this all in one thread. It started in two other more broad threads so maybe consolidate into this one?

That’s what I wanted this topic for

i know… i suggest we move to that other one. same topic under the header “hunters healing spell” which i linked above. we dont need it in multiples spots.

You guys have the most experience between player and PG. If you believe they will check faster about Aibrean there I’m all in favour :+1:

i dont think they will do anything. PG rarely does anything right. but there is no harm in trying.

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