Aibrean Rune Setup?

Hi guys
I was thinking of equipping Aibrean like this:
1 Legendary Rage (Normal rune)
1 Legendary Renewal (Normal rune)
1 Mythic Renewal (Glyph)

I do not have Glyphs and / or Normal Runes for Chaos, but I have several rare and epic Glyphs for Rage.
How are you equipping yours? Advices ?
thx u all

I have not yet gotten mythic Renewal glyph, but when I do that will most likely replace the Epic rage

I’d consider replacing the epic wisdom instead :+1:


Yeah good idea. I was debating which. :grin::+1:t2:

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The renewal and chaos runes don’t work FYI.

But this is what I did:

will be good if the runes/Glyphs actually worked :joy:

Legendary Wisdom will be replaced with rage once it is Harbringer…


Mike how do you like Aibrean so far? How does he compare to Avyx specifically?

I honestly haven’t flown it much, just exp runs. Still only Sapphire.

Slacker :rofl:

Who wants to place bets if they will fix or not…

Maybe they will change color and name and call it a new spell then only give us back half % in rune buff cap :joy:

Nice mythic chaos glyph btw, got a legendary on mine… a buffed out Aib will put Avyx to shame
Looks like you will even get back around 23% of dragons hp per SR mark. Not bad when they fix it. Avyx has such high potential, especially on the wrong setup that its scary and funny at same time lol

Edit* i thought SR was 15% at base, its 20% though correct? That would be roughly 35% dragons hp with those runes

Ya I’m going to wait to rune it until I’m sure they won’t ruin it. :no_mouth:

Aib is going to scream OP when/ if runes are fixed and nothing else.

Funny bc it wont matter if they reduce SR base healing to half, could just buff chaos :grin:

Thats easily chaos at 120% <

  • special item buff + battlecry/ warcry ur lookin at +180% and im not sure what else i forgot, say maybe dragon or hunter damage research but not the attack if it has both. I believe attack research is applied same as rider or i just need correct formula/ variables.

Last will need to subtract overall totem debuff from overall damage buff of course, still ur lookin at close to +200% to base (100%) fairly easy lol

It wont be over powered. Ice turrets and dark Flak will do serious damage, and since those are the most common towers… it will be a solid dragon though.

Not on well built defended bases as a lead, no. Neither was tarand or sage and they were the only dragons as i recall that had white exshield.(just an example, theres plenty to choose from)

Feel free to correct me anyone, please, not a challenge im just trying to know whats going on(or will) behind the scenes. Gimme that sneak peek preview.

Base layout will need to include 2 reds that cover the first 8 spots or else if attacker is able to mark just 1 tower that could mean dat ass…at least for that island.

Chaos runes Still not working?
Saved the same mythic glyph and don’t Want to waste it

Could u check for us.

Main problem is in atlas where you can’t cast on monuments. In normal mode he’s good, very good indeed. Mine is only gold but I’m having fun with him! Cast on monuments, specially after the 2 first long island’s and works a beauty. I wouldn’t say dark flak and ice, it’s more the storms that can kill this guy fast, specially if defended I believe

Unless storm in unprotected by red mage or even so, could cast on the unprotected tower or monument bc if u close one door you open another. Either u leave blue or dark open to primary attack or you make a spell like vine just completely wreck all 5 spots.

i think we are getting off topic…

I think you are correct :see_no_evil: