Aibrean Rune Setup?



U are awesome, just thought u should know.


I believe they do. They did some code cleanup in the last update, probably for several reasons, but one was to allow for greater scalability. This very much broke some spells, including HM. From the things I can see, and there are some important things I cannot see, one thing they did to fix HM (bring it back to what it was before) was increase the base heal from 10% to 18%.


U just lost points


Well, it is to their advantage to “care,” since player satisfaction does affect their revenue. Although, players seem to be pretty tolerant.


i’m not tolerant lol


Yeah as long as they get to beat up and feel superior why not, i cant say it dont feel good to get the better of your opponent. Id just rather be or be in favor of the underdog and whatever support that one has the potential to gain.

I actually think im starting to favor stronger attributes or buffers…anything to require thought or planning and experience in order to achieve something greater. What good is a bullet when your target has armor made for deflecting bullets, so to speak… ive noticed some people crumble when countered, one person i admire that adapts also is Coach. We have had some good battles, we have around 50 or so at least total lol


Far right is without rider and both unboosted.

I really feel some type of way about this…i hate being mislead, i guess im the only one who assumed that they changed base stats when they visually changed with rider and research…


So, you get less (or less of a percentage) with a rider than without? Or am I more confused than I was last time…?

Is it a visual thing? The blue bar on the right is bigger.


Basically Healing Marks/ SHR as well as majority if not all spells based off % of base hp apparently.

With the only thing changing being the addition of 18.7% hp from rider, if the buff applied directly to base hp then overall life and healing would of increased with no noticeable difference in recovery/blue bar. It would of been the same which is what i wanted.

Overall amount of both life and damage spells would increase altogether if applied directly to base… by what i thought were secondary buffers that set in at start of battle. They would of applied to a higher base. :frowning_face:


yes less of a percentage because the amount it heals is constant, regardless of boosts, research, or riders.


Left or right? Inside or outside)?

What you are saying and what the pictures are showing appear to be opposite. If left is no rider, then with rider, you healed WAY more (since the bar is both larger and the value of each pixel line is more with a rider).

Just making sure, since it seems confusing to me.


Thanks for catching that, ill edit, should be with
Or far right, whatever i cant type anymore lol


Ah, so my confusion was slightly justified. thought a visual thing but that’s what I meant that it looked like more without the rider


Correct. The overall hp increased while base stayed same, so only appeared less with healing determined by the original healing will always remain the same unless runes change…increasing only with each new lvl dragon grows


Correct. Under the new system, only modifications to the spell make a difference. Modifying HP (research, rider, gear, consumable) do not make a difference. Leveling the dragon will make a difference. That is, afaik, the only HP modification that will increase the number of HP healed, but it will not affect the percentage healed.

I am unsure if spells based on attack have been modified in the same way, but I would assume they have. That is much harder to measure for a couple reason, one of them being that far more spells derive power from HP.


As @SavageAFforPG pointed out with all that data directly from the files, these spells are based on “max hp” which means the health the dragon has at any given level… most healing spells are coded this way, whereas some spells are coded for “dragon hp” which takes into account all research and buffs


Just base hp set at each lvl before buffs, yes.



Sorry that I can’t show the specific file I would like (it’s an unreleased spell) however I think vampiric touch (while being a bad spell now) uses dragon hp instead of max to decide it’s health gain


Also AOE spells works like this? For example, if i equip Mythic Rune of Pride (this rune increase dragon HPl on Corthanak, will his AOE spell increase in dmg? Sry bad uk, i hope im explained


If it’s anything like southern cross than no, it uses max hp to calculate damage (without buffs)