Aibrean Rune Setup?



Max Base HP?


What the minimum hp without buff? out of curiosity…


Max hp as a stat refers to base, yes


Minimum hp is zero :joy: when you die


Max HP is slippery…

The dragon attribute is dragonHP.

MaxHP, as best I can tell was once whatever your actual HP was. Since it varied based on a number of factors, it is not defined in any of the “files” you hear people talk about. It was a database lookup that took all those variables at the moment you launched into battle.

As best I can tell, MaxHP is now the same as dragonHP, which is the HP as defined by the dragon file. It is a fixed value based on the dragon’s level.


Minimum base*


Again, minimum base health isn’t really a value… unless you’re asking for max hp at level 1, because that varies by tier and dragon type, otherwise it’s death


Essentially, if I understand your question, they are now the same. Only leveling the dragon changes HP in a way that will affect the power of a spell.


Thats what i was getting at lol


Zamrok cannot clear rage drains if the rage drain has a lvl 1 ice flak in the front and the defender charges it.


I can create scenarios to address every dragon. We all can. No dragon is perfect for all situations.

In general, Zamrok can manage rage better than almost any other warrior. That was all I was saying. And that it is a weakness in the game that two thirds of the dragons can, for the most part, be completely ignored as irrelevant. The game is less rich than it could be because of this.

I can think of a consumable or two that would address the ice flak.


if the “rage drain” has a level 1 ice flak, then simply kill the mages and leave the level 1 ice flak…


99% of players will kill everything…you could leave a red mage instead🤷🏻‍♂️ If there is a defender there is no automatic supershots every 3s. Either way, leaving the ice flak or red mage will only allow you to gain 1/2 rage to 1 rage depending on rage runes


Equestor wouldn’t let you not kill it though :laughing: silly sorcerer’s pets


Oh yeah :joy: Forgot about that


Wonder if they will have a legendary chaos glyph in an event anytime soon


Are Chaos ones working as intended even after update?


They are working… as intended is debatable… but they are working


For the most part, im getting a 228% increase from chaos now with 120% rune buff. Not sure where the 8% is coming from, not sure how a normal shot is less than half of the displayed dmg per second either but thats whatever. Idk why they dont just display the stats per shot


I think its working now, lvl 42 tower invader base 1 hit with chaos, and atk boost, oksana rider with kayla set .