Aibrean Rune Setup?



I pay good money not to think.


Still geting the mythic renewal glyph, I wont put rage, the spring renewal skill gives instant 2 rage, it doesnt need regen time. As per chaos runes, if it wont work, i guess definitely this would make huge cryout again cuz ppl like me waited this long to have another dragon with this skill, 1 year!? And if they will change it to another name then what? Theres really no other rune u can put, again Definitely not RAGE rune, who needs regen if u can instantly get with the srping renewal skill. No fireflak resist runes, no flash runes. What runes can u put him?


Word is even SRH is broken, i havent done a test on that tho so i wouldnt know anything


SRH is jargon to me.

Edit : oh spring renewal healing , oke


What spell is the backbone of your strategy.

Aye good shit :grin:


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I KNOW it will get nerfed somehow…99% sure lol

If they dont…its a top shelfer without doubt(as long as they fix it)


I want chaos runes!!


So far the chaos spell is legit…


The spell is fine.

The runes do not work correctly.


Yep… been flying Aibrean… spell set is good… with chaos rune that works would be really excellent… no more high level farm issues lol.


Oh it will be sick, ppl just dont know lol dont see the numbers


My Airbrain is only 500k… but just hitting bases for fun, kill blue, flash, chaos, renewal, repeat… it’s crazy. No need for rage runes… pretty nice.

And spamming renewal for max rage!? Damn this thing is rough. I killed a blue tower right as it supered me… lost half a bar… funnn…


Im going nuts over this dragon on the inside but i know they wont fix without change…they have been working or had something planned on this for a while now i bet.


Even if they don’t fix chaos it’s pretty bleepin good… but a fix on renewal runes seems fair.


I dont accept that, i refuse to be content with any alteration to chaos, at all, or to +2 rage same as sacrifice + Healing and even an evasive manuever spell which both happen to only be 1 bar while chaos is only 2…did i mention i have crush on Aib? Anyway… not like it will matter what i am, content or not :joy:


Nice to see a hunter to pickup where my Necryx will leave off… it’s like they looked at Avyx and said “what if we made it good this time?”


Lmao i feel kinda bad for it but i thought the exact same thing.


Did you save them from earlier?