Aibrean Rune Setup?



They actually drop. Turns out I have a couple of epic chaos I didn’t know about… :joy:

But I saved my legendary and mythic from Fae so when they fix this my Ringmaster (Aibrean) is gonna be dope.


Avyx is good.


Nah aibrean is so bad. He is not good dragon. Why ppl make him look so good.


easy to fly dragon is no good to ppl but a tricky spell combo make the game more challenging, would you think it is better game to play and not boring to fly again ?


Aibrean is trash, dont get him.


Whats your favourite dragon @Zazrak?


Merk maybe? :joy::joy::joy:


Apophet. Why? :yum:


That explains it.


Yes , keep away the discussion from aibrian pls :smiling_imp:


Do you fly any hunters?


Since consurgens.

Im trying to save aibrian from being nerfed :joy:.


Keep in mind I’m not getting any “mythic.” Aibrean didn’t appeal to me either, however, I decided to get him because:

  1. Discount gives some nice prizes
  2. He’s not OP but still usable as a
    follow or sometimes lead against bases a few levels above the attacker.
  3. There is only two sorcerers in the game that I like right now: Fae and Spindra
    This means I probably won’t go for the primary sorcerer. I’ll get 2 dragons this season —> the primary hunter is one of them. What’s left? Nollaig is trash because the winter’s bite spell doesn’t freeze projectiles in mid air according to @ToNyRen
  4. Breeding is most likely next event, so I’ll take advantage of the discount and finish the egg branch later.
  5. I’ll use the discount of the rider as well
  6. I don’t have to rune him so I can save rage runes for some other dragon…because Renewal gives 2 rage points…


Aibrean won’t get nerfed lol FYI

PG already released the dragon…players will get angry if PG did such a thing. Aibrean is not creating any imbalance and is far from “OP Status.”


White Thunderstorm? Sage?

Neptus, red spell to white?

Kinn change spell?

Theres quite a few in history.

Maybe not nerf or change in spell. Its good as is RN.


Tony said that about corthonak, he actually didn’t level his warrior to my knowledge


Is this true?


I asked Tony “Do you like the warrior, Nollaig so far?” And he replied, saying that he doesn’t like it because the winter’s bite spell doesn’t freeze in-air projectiles.

This was in an in game group chat


Neptus got changed before the release. Sage and Kinnarus did get changed for the benefit of the dragons. Yes, white thunderstorm does less damage but people don’t want a red thunderstorm either. Still the point is…Aibrean is not getting nerfed :joy:


Avyx is good. Aibrean will be better.