Aibrean Rune Setup?



Avyx is better IMO


Have you tried spring renewal yet? You can have full rage every island, even if you get supershotted…


I have Aibrean on my alt jsuk

Renewal is nice but Aibrean doesn’t have cloak. Cloak and Flash are similar spells but totally different at the same time. Cloak has more success on bases higher level than yours compared to flash.
Avyx’s branch offered talon frenzy runes and I also stacked a bunch of healing mark runes on Avyx. Healing Mark heals a lot more than Renewal right now. Because chaos runes don’t work and I don’t have any, it’s hard to increase the damage on chaos.


Yes I fly them both.


Discussion becoming off. :joy:


Lol how long u been playing? They have done it multiple times even after the season that dragon came with was over, even with dragons not being OP against proper set ups they still did it.

If they fix chaos runes then he will become one of the most badass dragons in game :smiling_imp:


My thoughts exactly, could not of said it better myself.


(Aibrean Rune Setup?):

Sorry, nope. He’ll be good but not the best.

1 year and 6 months

Examples please? And don’t say sage or kinnarus. You honestly think PG is going to nerf Aibrean? :man_facepalming:


How you gonna quote me and still get what i said wrong? I said “one of the”, “best”.

  • NightShade for starters, even though i got him about back up to the same shortly after.
    -Phasmos is another i heard but i didnt get that one.
  • I most certainly will say Sage because Sage and Tarand both got nerfed by them capping the buff capability on white exshield or now lethal barrier.


The “nerf” for night shade was new tiers, the “nerf” for phasmos was new towers and new levels


I barely remember but im pretty sure invert is not or was not the same after they distributed new runes for it.

I only heard about phasmos, so i wouldnt know.


You said “most badass.” Anyways I’m not going to argue…Aibrean is not getting nerfed…isn’t this the same thing as necryx or hauheset getting nerfed?


Well guys, in the end I put:
Epic Renewal
Legendary Renewal
Mythic Renewal Glyph
Legendary Rage Glyph
Epic Rage Glyph

I think x3 Renewal + x2 rage is the best setup. Thx u all :slight_smile:


When they released nightshade, the invert runes did not work for quite a while. The only ‘nerf’ was that they stopped allowing reverse projectile runes from working on invert.


I’m still not convinced rage runes are needed… woulda saved that spot for chaos…


I’m not going to put rage on him - I’m going to save those for a dragon that doesn’t already have a rage generating spell.

I’d think spring renewal and chaos


Save rage runes for Hauheset or Frostbiter if you don’t have it yet.


Tarand explosive shield (laughable now) Nighshade’s reverse projectiles nerf to invert. Been a lot of nerfed dragons after their release.


tarand, nightshade were the first two they nerfed and pissed people off.


Nightshade always had invert, they changed the runes but gave us new ones… he was “nerfed” because he can’t invert the newer towers attacks