Aibrean Rune Setup?



Wasn’t it something about the runes where reverse projectiles used to work then they changed stuff so only runes matching the spell name worked? I would have to look at him since I remember being cranky about him and Tarand but don’t remember the specifics. Water under the bridge and so on.


Yea, that’s exactly what they did (tarand was and will always be trash in my eyes lol)


looking back yes, but at the time when I had double blast and explosive shield runes on him, he was kicking some serious butt.


There was a time where Tarand was a beast. I think I was in Green or Gold when I got him, and in those tiers he was a monster, but he started to get overshadowed by Consurgens and Whale. Platinum he was meh. Sapphire and above he is dang near useless. I have him at expert and can’t use him for anything but backing lower teammates.

But back when he was released, that white explosive shield was the BOMB! Fire Turret and cannon resist made him the best tank since Amarok (back then).


Been waiting since Tengu for chaos runes and glyph to be fixed. How long is that now? Remind me… :wink:


People forget too that in addition to the runegate, dark flaks were introduced and they shredded tarand and sage.


But Atlas is sooooo important. Who cares about all these important fixes…


Sage RIP


If he was always trash to you, then you were either already quite a high level when he was released, or you did not play the “original” Tarand. Granted, Original Tranand was quickly overshadowed by the “original” Sage (although both were nerfed several times, and then fell into oblivion).

All dragon types should be equally viable. They are tools–weapons. A razor does things a sledgehammer cannot do, and a cutting torch does things neither can do. And it takes something different to “stop” each one. Try slicing through a 2-inch thick piece of metal, or smashing a hole through it… But use the right torch, and you’re in business. Or a brick wall–probably of those three, the hammer is the best choice. Want to cut through certain gels, razor is likely the best choice.

Point is, no single tool (weapon) is the right answer, and no single dragon type should be the right answer either. Just as no single defense should be the “universal” standard. It should be a kind of zero-sum game (although, as you get more pieces, your sum will increase, so the absolute power is higher).

Out of curiosity, what warrior, in your estimation, was not always trash?


other than Destar?


We’ll see how he measures to 65s. :slight_smile: After all, those are supposed to be the Mythic Harbinger match.

I think he will be found wanting.

But I cannot see the future.


yup we will see. I still findit crazy that 60’s arn’t balances for mythics… but i guess PG needs to make more money so whats another 5 tower levels lol


Well, to cut PG a little slack here, which you know I don’t do often, they did buff the towers some. 60’s were originally an answer for Mythic Obsidian. So, they did give a “free” boost to 51-60.

It may have been only a token, but it was still something.


I dont give them credit for fixing soemthing they messed up to begin with… anyways this is off topic



So getting back on topic… does anyone know where they tell us the base amount HM is suppose to heal? i think it is 10% but can’t seem to find it anywhere official.

Seems to be 10% at least one or two years ago


That’s what I thought. So the issue is t that the runes arnt working. The issue is the renewal spell is only healing 10% (not 20) to bigin with…

Hm and renewal without runes are both healing the same amount (about 10%)


here it is with runes… (obviously increased)


Base heal for HM is 18% according to the current files.

“con” is consumable.


Did that change at some point?

That doesn’t look like 18% in those SS…