Aibrean Rune Setup?



Amarok was good, Hugin was useful to a lesser degree… phweemp was entertaining, but after that, warriors fall off imo, I used to always say they need 2 resists and a shield to be any good, but as you get higher in tiers, they can’t cope with high health towers, or even a single stun


It was previously 10%.

It changed on 3-8-18.

Here is what is was on 2-23-18 (the last time it was updated – the change is what was being used as the heal percentage, and this was when HM was “extremely broken”):

And here is what it was prior to that (and it was this for as far back as I have records):


Ok but those SS were all taken today… that ISNT 18%… unless that health bar isn’t at all accurate


He’s talking about heal mark, spring renewal is coded differently


I know… there is a SS or both above.


Those are all HM. Just from different times.

Here is SR:

Before (never actually seen in game, that I know of):

Now (only change is addition of cooldown, which was a part of the spell from day 1 of its release):


U can generalize for warrior dragons, theyre like punchingbags to darkflak, except for other warriors that can stand it. U know which :tipping_hand_man:t3:


Zamarok, i can post my only clip of him but its not even good…i only recorded to show someone he could still take certain layouts and much better than what i did. I dont mind showing errors :slight_smile:

Even drakius was good when vamp healed 15% per building.

Tarand was a boss even at saphire, mine had roughly 60% exshield buff (not double blast) including research. This allowed all resisted towers to do virtually no damage to shield, 2 lvl 40+ fire turrets couldnt pop shield and i got it recorded just was so long ago that idk of id be able to find a needle in a haystack.


Drakius was good. Nerfed.
Tarand and Sage were both good. Rune/spell gate +nerf + second nerf of TS on Sage.
Zam is the only warrior I can still justify using… Because he can manage rage drain and has an almost perfect shield combo.

Skarr was also good for his time. But now we are getting into the dusty history of Dragon Lore.


They nerfed Drakius? Must have missed it… was wondering why all of a sudden he was crappy.

What was the change exactly?


It went from like 5% to 15% right before his release, then down to 10% after those who had invested, did…

Their nerfs on warriors, to me, seem underhanded and borderline criminal considering the incentive for why players chose certain dragons were being yanked away as if some kind of practical joke. You dont play with peoples money…not to mention its not like they were OP against proper layouts.

A warrior’s weakness is meant to be spells anyway, PG apparently thinks they should increase the spells to make a warrior better but in all honesty should just increase the resists it has. This eliminates the need for warriors to even target mage towers for the most part. The best ability that any warrior should have for a spell, imo, would be a white attack buffer and a white shield type but not able to counter mages otherwise unless the spell is sacrifice. A warriors spell should be powerful yet calculated so that when opponent has the proper counter then the warrior can still fire off its heavily dependent spell at least once at the start of an island.

It should be harder to kill but countered by a solid defense tower layout…that perfect blend of protection & hp, firepower, and versatility :smiling_imp:.

-sry for the tangent but i believe original poster has had the question answered and we are having a great discussion.


Hmm… that sux… i busted my butt to finish that one…first divine branch i ever finished.

Now I know why my Drakius gets owned on bases that Necryx stomps. Friggin warriors.


What about Kirin? Granted I never flew the one I claimed on my main account (only got far enough to claim the dragon when he was on sale because I wanted to be able to look at him in my den).

Personally I find him most usefull when going to swap dragons to remove them from my roster :laughing: since he’s near the start of the dragons pictured in the swap, and near the top when you look at all the dragons in the dragon den lol.


Kirin does the most damage on my perch and is a tier below the rest of my perch line up lol its weird. Only dragon that does more i think would be Hau but he aint goin nowhere from my roster. I dont have mehaten(w/e name is) expert yet though so he might be more i just doubt it.

I can take kirin off at any time and put Iteru on it, wish i could put apophet but not the right element. This is why ive been thinking of going for the mythic this season, for 1st time.



I’m also a bit unhappy about the “20%” that isn’t “20%”

The issue, as stated elsewhere, is that they calculate that 20% on “base hp”

So for a dragon with say 60m hp as expert, the heal will be 12 million;

However with just basic research, most of us have +20% dragon hp (some +26%)
this heal stays 12million, yet the dragon already has 72m hp

Add 30% health boost; now this dragon has 90m hp, yet the heal is still just 12million

So now the “actual” heal percentage is much less; add a rider and gear and its easy to get to 100m hp, yet it still heals for a percentage of 60.

So in summary “dragon gains 2 rage and heals for 20%” is not true

It should say “dragon gains 2 rage and heals for Xmillion hp at current level”

(with full runes, full kit, it will heal for 18% or so – thats WITH all runes)


So how is hp regeneration calculated for healing marks at +2.6 buff? Only .26 hp buff is provided by research, as mentioned.


this has been modified and correct further along in the thread

Percentage of your health bar healed should look something like this for the dragon with the specific runes you have shown:

% heal / (1+ boost % + research bonuses for dragon health + rider dragon health % + hp gear bonus %)

so something like

0.18+(0.2 + .264) / 1 + whatever you applied

.64 / 1+ (the sum of those bonuses listed)

So in a dragon with 0% health researches, no kit and no rider and no boost
it will heal 64% of your health bar
with say 20% health research done and none of the rest it will heal 53%
with say 20% health research done and the 30% boost it will heal 43%
with say 20% health research done, the 30% boost, and another say 15% from rider and gear it will heal 38% of your health bar

Disclaimer this is napkin math, and i might have the first value wrong (the 0.64)


Rider % cant be applied the same as runes or perch, can it? I figured it is applied directly to base and altering that base stat for as long as it is equipped…considering the visual stats change immediately so is added before battle while rune and perch are added when the battle starts. Perch seems as if it has a supershot that activates at the start automatically.

Yeah idk where .64, .18, or .264 comes from :thinking:
What are these
I imagine .264 is supposed to be 2.64 from rune buff.

Edit* nvm i see .18 that is base to HM.


The way ive been calculating HM and SRH is (overall rune buff ÷ HM base) + HM base.

This would put 75% SRH buff ÷ 20% (SRH base) at 4% of SRH base which (.04 + .2) is .24 overall which looks about right lol.

Would also put 2.64 HM buff ÷ base (18% or .18) at 14% which would be (.14+ .18) so .32 total and this also seems correct to me.

editing* sorry no sleep lol
-should be done now.


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