Aibrean Rune Setup?



.88 x 3 = 2.64 though, why .264?

Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues

Because we are looking at a % of the hp bar healed

You can rework the formula to see % healed, by moving the decimals


I believe hp research is applied directly to base when complete, like rider gear/ rider research. Because the stats visually change immediately once complete.

Also .264 is 26% …how is the product of runes (.88 x 3) which is 2.64- equivalent to 26%? :thinking:


0.18 + 20% = 0.216

Is that what you are saying?

its possible, I don’t really know

Then it would be 0.216 *2.64 = 0.57


No, 20% would be SRH buff i thought?which is what i remember reading somehwere posted by a representative of PG.

My theory is that rider gear/ research hp buffs as well as mainline hp research both apply directly to base once complete or equipped. Mainline is permanent and so is rider (so long as it stays equipped or bonded)


Ok redid my math now that I’m at a computer and no longer doing it in my head


0.216+(0.18*2.64) / (1+0.30+research + rider + gear)

= 0.216 + 0,475
=0.691 / (1+0.30+researchhp+riderhp+gearhp)

The following do not add to “BASE HP” they add to “MAXIMUM HP”

  • rider
  • gear
  • research
  • boosts


How can you be so sure

How can u be so sure? Wouldnt runes and perch be included if boosts? Why is research and riders changing base stats but not item boosts, perch, or runes?


Hmmm I’m lost

Where does runes and perch come into the dragons hp?

(If you mean the rune from leos, it doesnt change BASEHP it changes MAXHP)

Research and riders are not changing base stats


Warrior class +15% hp (mythic +25% to 1 tower)
Yes runes of pride, those are applied to overall? So, last? How do you know this, yet know the item hp buff and perch hp buff do not?


Ah ok, so the warrior class on a perch, doesnt give health to the dragon; it gives health to the tower;

This has no impact on healing mark


They literally chance visually once rider is equipped or research completes.


Yes but thats not base stats, the game still sees it as

BASEHP + modifierResearch +modifierRider etc


Not talking about it applying to healing mark. But it does apply to health and the way it is factored in will relate or be similar to the way HM is or runes in general are calculated.


I dont mean to discredit or disrespect by asking this but how do you know? Im curious :thinking:


heheh if only; sadly the game doesn’t apply “logic”

eg. if you look at how damage is calculated for a spell like DG vs say one like Umbral etc

Pg doesnt have all spells coded the same, even healing mark and rejuv is calculated differently. They are slowly reworking them to use sort of the same “base rules” but they arent there yet


Yes but all runes that apply to hp(rune of pride not HM) are applied the same as warrior perch would. HM is different but the same in that it applies when battle starts(when is the only time used).Attack is different, different calculation or formula. With havok and battlecry/ warcry you can tell the sum of thier runes are clearly added to attack base for the total…but when battle starts.

runes/ perch/ item boost add once batrle starts is my theory…riders, mainline building hp research, and mainline attack research change the visual display of stats immediately. The only research that doesnt is “damage”. I believe this is because it is applied different to hp and attack, i believe its calculated in with runes, item boost, and perch, which is once battle starts. -Just a theory of mine, once i understand how one is able to prove me wrong…that riders and attack + hp research is not applied directly to base, altering it at the time complete or bonded, then i will have a different answer.

HM(life) and Havok(attack) are calculated different, of this im sure…u cant pass 100% of health in healing + just observing i know im not getting 260% (capped at 100%)health per HM mark lol

Also, no way that rune of pride applies to the overall amount…that would be too wicked amd extremely noticeable…ppl would never of asked if it actually worked after they put it on.


Do chaos runes work?


not on mine as far as i can tell


Im tellin yall…they wont fix it lol

Not without reducing the performance of something, idk what but something.

Im ready to be proven wrong, i hope pg does prove me wrong :slight_smile:


This was his recovery with the 1st 2 runes maxed. Didn’t notice a big change…

So, if Chaos runes won’t work the solution is to leave it blank I guess. Not going to waste rage runes on this guy with spring renewal. Hope one day I’ll be able to get one chaos working rune :crossed_fingers: