Aibrean Rune Setup?



Yeah thats 20% tops, looks like they are completely disabled or non functional.

Then again with my calculations, 75% SRH buff should only be up to around 24% of hp recovery per mark…with the fact its calculated from base hp stats then item hp boost(+30%) will make SRH seem like its actually 18%


Spring’s Renewal - Active | Red | 1 Rage

Applies a mark to target tower. When the marked tower is destroyed, dragon gains 20% health and 2 Rage. Spell has a 4 second cooldown

This is the description we were all given. Regardless of how they calculate this I expected this spell to heal for 20% as advertised. It doesn’t say “dragon gains 20% health based on base HP”, it simply says gains 20% health.

We (the players) make decisions based on the information given to us. We were told it would heal 20% health. We were all mislead. This game has ways (which cost us both time and money) to increase a dragons health such as research, boosts, and riders. All of this should not be secondary to the calculated healing amount.

I guess i should have known better than to trust PG for their word. It is a shame though.


Naturally, the SR and HM runes are different but related issues since they appear to have been solved with the same solution.

I won’t deal with chaos in this post. Suffice it that the runes do not work at the moment. So, if they don’t have a rage secondary, you should ask to have the removed since the do not work properly.

Here is my observation, taking into account PG Jared’s note that "base HP is now used:

Spring’s Renewal Rune Stack Healing Mark Rune Stack (Same rarity)
0.125 0.63
0.25 0.88
0.4 1.23
0.775 2.74

Healing Mark Spell as of 3-7-18

identifier commonIdentifier level maxTimes healAsPercentageOfMaxHP ragePoints
healingMark1 1 100 18 100

Spring’s Renewal as of 3-8-18

identifier commonIdentifier level maxTimes healAsPercentageOfMaxHP ragePoints ragePointsRestored cooldown
healthRageDeathMark1 1 100 20 100 200 4

Also, Healing Mark has a 20% research available on the spell.

“Airbean” – base “maxHP” at expert - 33,127,776

(I will use the same dragon HP for healing mark just so the numbers line up, I am aware there are significant differences in the spells, but the numbers will be easier to compare – let’s assume some future legendary harbinger hunter has Healing Mark and can use the same runes, since it’s not possible to test this on the same dragon without destroying valuable runes).

Spring’s Renewal with nothing (dragon at expert)

0.20 / (1+consumable+hp from research bonus+hp from rider skill+hp from rider gear)

0.20 / (1+0+0+0) = 0.20

0.20 * 33,127,776 = 6,625,555

So, that’s a 20% heal per shot.

Healing Mark with nothing (dragon at expert)

0.18 / (1+consumable+hp from research bonus+hp from rider skill+hp from rider gear)

0.18 / (1+0+0+0) = 0.18

0.18 * 33,127,776 = 5,962,999

So, that’s an 18% heal per shot.

I’ll skip the other iterations and jump to an “endgame” scenario.

Expert Legendary Harbinger Hunter with all research, 26% HP boost and 20% Healing Mark increase; all boosts, 12% HP boost from rider, 24.7% boost from gear, and 30% boost from consumable; and all runes fully enhanced: 77.5% for Spring’s Renewal and 274% for Healing Mark.

Total HP boost is 92.7%, making displayed “MaxHP” 63,837,224.

Spring’s Renewal
0.20+(0.20*0.775) / (1+0.30+0.26+0.12+0.247)
0.355 / 1.927 = 0.184224183

0.184224183 * 63,837,224 = 11,760,360

So, that’s an effective 18.4% heal per shot, but using “base MaxHP” it’s a 35.5% heal.

IOW, it does heal more HP, but the proportion of HP recovered is less.

Healing Mark (assuming spell research and rune buffs do not stack)

0.216+(0.18*2.74) / (1+0.30+0.26+0.12+0.247)

0.7092 / 1.927 = 0.368033212

0.368033212 * 63,837,224 = 23,494,218

So, an effective 36.8% heal per shot (with no cooldown), but using “base MaxHP” it’s a 70.82% heal.

I am not certain how the research and runes actually stack, so I chose a method that results in less healing. I cannot test this on the dragon–really, no one outside of PG can, since it would involve destroying runes that cannot be replaced.

It would seem that Healing Mark, with all those very expensive buffs and research is performing at a much higher level. I may have made a mistake in the math, but a 36% actual heal, to me, is more valuable than an 18.4% heal with a +1 rage and a 4 second cooldown.

Value is, ofc, difficult to determine. If I had to guess, I would say changes like this were made exactly as PG Michael indicated when he said they were cleaning up code and making things more scalable.

By not taking variables that will be different for every player into account PG can be very precise with the power of a spell and with how it scales, allowing them to accurately project a spell’s performance onto a future dragon.

That is my best guess.


I agree that 20% should mean 20%. Especially given that historical descriptions of spells specifically mentioned when they did not include the buffs from research or consumables (see Reanimate in released description… Damage specifically excluded research and consumables, healing did not).


I think you can get HM to be alot higher than that even. This is from a single Healing mark on my Ferga:


Holy fkn sh!t

Easily 75% there

Item boost?


Lol ya. 3 legendaries and 2 epics.


It appears they have changed something… Definitely not what I was seeing on the dates I noted.


He is not boosted there though, so I guess that will go down if I boost it?


Please boost and do 1 more run? Pwetty pwease.

But yeah it should still be same amount just not compared to overall hp with the item boost.


You would be able to get it much higher with three mythic runes/glyphs… I used runes of same rarity as those available for Spring’s Renewal for the sake of comparison.


A little less I think:


Definitely, without a doubt confirmed it is to base stats only. Question i have now is whether or not that is applied to the base with rider buffs + research factored in or without research or rider at all

When the stats change visually once the rider has bonded, why would it do that unless atlering the base stat.


True. To be fair I never expected Spring renewel to be as good as HM. But the amount it is healing seems a little low. And ALOT less than advertised


Mike could throw a rider on?


But I think my stats will hold, more or less.

Certainly, I will not complain if I am wrong. It was right on the dates noted… So, no intentional misinformation.


Same i just enjoy the discussion and shedding light where it was once dark :slight_smile:


My fire armor is on the Sorc specific rider who i never levelled… so any rider i add wont add a significant amount of health unless i take the armor off the sorc rider which i dont want to do… well not Until they release a decent fire hunter…


Ok np i understand that, very grateful for the info that you have confirmed for me.(us)


I figured your riders had been planned… Hence the Lol that followed the drop a rider on comment. :wink:


I got a rider for hau i can put on borg. It has close to 20% hp buff i believe.

So unboosted the heal rate should be the exact same compared to overall hp with or without a rider if rider buff is calculated different* than item boost and applied directly to stats.

Edit* 18.7% hp buff, bonding now…gonna let it ride.