Aibrean Rune Setup?



Do you know if PG has taken notice of this?


Im sure they have, even with the lack of communication between teams there, they aint dummies


the question is do they care… ?


Ok, then we just have to wait for the next update I assume


Depends on their feelings about the spell. My guess is they dont care and it doesn’t matter. It will be ignored and nothing will be done. If they change their minds and think something is amiss, i am sure they could boost those runes and/or boost the spell by a bit without needing an update since the function of the spell and runes dont need to change, just the values. Only would need an update if they decided to change it to 20% of actual HP as oppose to base HP (which is what we most of us thought it was suppose to be to begin with).


Idc what they do to SRH tbh as long as it doesnt give less life or less rage and as long as they fix chaos. Even 15% overall hp with +2 rage and fkn 3.5 base chaos ima jizz myself.

It blows havok out the water…


Chaos is a strong spell on its own. I am much more concerned about its healing. Chaos doesn’t help you if your dead.


Depends, against hammers or defenders i woukd choose the chaos buff all day…but u got a point with the healing as if it was to overall health we would get a lot more back


I have one open slot, for either the epic healing or another legendary / mythic chaos

My issue is his ammo seems reaaaaaally lacking;

I can kill blue before storm protects and get flash off, but he then manages another tower or two before flash is done, but then he is out of ammo; that has been an issue

(expert airbean)


Do regular healing mark runes work? Or am I misunderstanding you?


No, they shouldnt, just HM and SRH should be calculated same… should

So using it to compare


i dont think they should be the same… Spring revival should be less than HM.


Calculated same, applied in same way in the formula.


different than Estril? Why is it any different? Mine is stuck in Emerald until next event so i havn’t flown mine a whole lot yet.


i dont care how they are calculated. But as the spell and runes descriptions are written, it should heal for about 20% of actual HP, and 35% (of actual HP) if all of its runes are used and experted.


Thats how its calculated lol

But quick question, what is the damage for thunderbolt spell on borg based from?

Thunder Storm is off hp but i wonder if thunderbolt is same.

Ive also seen other spells, like the one on the new sorcerer, that are also based from hp…so this would make that likely but not confirmed.

If based from HP then i got a feeling yall were right and rider does not alter base stats :frowning_face: i added rider to borg one time and damage from thundbolt did not appear to alter. @Gox1201

I got damage numbers turned back on so we shall see…


I think a lot of spells are based on base HP. i dont know why as i personally think it should always be on actual HP.

And what i mean about i dont care how they fix it is that there are different ways of getting the same result. Fine change the spell description to include “base HP”. But if they are going to do that increase the percentage. again i dont care how. I just want that spell to actually heal 20%/35% of actual HP as it was advertised to do.


Lol you’re one of my favorites, Mike. I gotta fk with u any way i can lol

This us some bullshit though, i feel like tagging some PG officials or some sh!t, talk about misleading…they specialize in deception apparently bc why TF would you change the base stats visually with rider or research when they are not truly altered…for fks sake


Hmmm Estril can cloak to get his ammo back. I dont know if its just perception, but that seems to work better than flash for regenerating ammo (since during flash you are still taking beam dmg)

Also I suppose my cloak heals about “15%” (haha based on “basehp”)

So not saying its horrible, just i seem to always run out of ammo :confused: which is not my experience with Neptus


As best I can tell, and some of this is hidden away in places not easily seen, they are calculated the same.

You get such radically different results for three reasons (but mostly just one):

  1. Base heal amount – HM is now 18% (was originally 10%) SR – is 20%
  2. Research that affects the spell – HM has a red research that provides a 20% boost to the 18% (so 0.18+(0.18*0.2) = 21.5%. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this stacks the same as runes or prior to the runes. I have assume it stacks the same as runes just to have lower numbers.
  3. This is the big thing One fully enhanced mythic HM rune gives a 123% boost to the spell. ALL THREE rune for Spring’s Renewal (fully enhanced) give a 77.5% boost to the spell. So, if you happen to have 3 Mythic HM Runes/glyphs on the same dragon, that’s a 369% boost to the spell. The rune combination I used in my breakdown above was epic + legendary + mythic (so that is was apples to apples with the SR runes).