Aibrean vs Nollaig

Okay guys, I know that the Spring Season hasn’t started yet. But what are your thoughts on Aibrean vs Nollaig who do you think is better?

Both are quite good in their respective category. Do you want hunter or warrior



Aibrean looks to be a good hunter. Noilogg looks to be a good warrior. Depends on what class you like to fly.
I’m a hunter guy, so Aibrean looks more appealing to me. I’ll miss his discount in favor of the token boost, but I’m waiting to see the later two dragons. I need a new sorcerer.

The hunter since Aibrean looks good

What about you, Tony?

I was going to get the token boost first as well but then I realized we’d all be getting the boost for the breeding event 2nd week (assuming its breeding) so by waiting for week 3 I can only miss one week of it get max distance on the discount line.

OP. Nollsig could be fun, but it’s you can’t beat a good hunter, especially discounted, and Aibrean looks like a good hunter.


I have to start by the hunter is 50% off. It’s something we cannot ignore. Even if the warrior is a bit better, is it 200% better? Probably not. So for the cost to performance ratio, i dont think warrior is worth 14k more sigils. Now you may not be able to take full advantage of the discount, but still, anything you can claim with 50% off is sweet.

The second thing would be that the hunter is a challenging dragon to fly with defenders as there’s no white spell nor cloak. Mostly precast and ammo management and precision training with that guy…

I like the warrior in his category. But practically, half off with a challenging spellset is the sweetest deal among the two


I don’t think I’ll be able to get the token boost fully in the first two weeks so I’d still be missing out on the discount even if I went for Aibrean right after I got the TB :dizzy_face: You never know, though.

More Important: can someone provide the phonetics for each of these names


Yeah, I’m getting Aidrean and Oksana since they both would be a good combo together. Plus, I really need a hunter.



Best guesses

I think it’s actually A-brawn, but that’s from my limited knowledge of Gaelic


I’ll try getting both this season. I hope I can do it

I’m still calling it Airbean

Anyways I do think the warrior has potential when facing towers of similar size as itself. But can’t beat a good hunter and a discounted one at that. Plus I don’t have the luxury of hitting bases with towers my size what with 60s out :joy:


They give the pronunciation in the video streams

I prefer written phonetics to a verbal rendering


Fair enough

That’s absolutely right! I was also debating wheather to go for egg token boost first or dicount hunter. So yeah if breeding is next, we’ll only miss a week of boost egg, just gonna have to crunch missions when we get there :grin: thanks

Ai and Moose

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