Aibrean vs Nollaig


I’ll be pronouncing Aibrean as Snow-white


I’m renaming my Aidrean as TwilightTrouble. The moment I get him


You are high maintenance…

Aibreán - -án

Nollaig - -


I prefer seeker of knowledge


April and Christmas. How festive.


Warrior looks awesome, regen 0 rage :drooling_face:




There is something more awesome… That winters bite…
Not the increase of damage, but the increase of reaching speed aswell… if it freeze the towers, that means supershots, attacks are blocked! :slight_smile:

Thats very funny specially to eliminate drain islands !


Sorry people who care about the pronounciation but this is what I’m calling them:


I like the potential of the hunter…casting both flash and chaos before the turn on an island is quite the advantage imo

I would think the slowing effect will allow you to more accurately hit the towers you want

I can’t believe I’m this torn between a hunter and a warrior lol…it’s usually a no brainer :sweat_smile::rofl:


Hunter, you’ll get farther and Aibrean’s spring renewal is a good rage trade for 1 rage for casting and 2 rage in return


I think it is a matter of preference.

The warrior looks very promising. The faster projectile and increased damage have a very good chance to stop any super shots before they land (lightning is an exception, if it’s already loaded). Kill the towers before they thaw, and the Super Shots disappear.

I know the game wisdom has been hunter now and forever… But I think PG has put a lot of thought into crafting this set of dragons without nerfing the hunter to make the others look appealing.

That is certainly my hope.

Personally, I’m waiting to see what the final rider looks like, but that is slightly off-topic.

I will likely claim as much of the half-priced goodies as I can, taking a gamble that next event is breeding, I will wait to get double tokens. But I may later wish I had not done that if the next event is not breeding. :man_shrugging:


No fear when STL is used here. :grin:

Cant stun whats not hit. Both hunter and warrior smell like fancy new potential but nothing that is a MUST for all, so yes, preference id have to agree.

I just gotta say the hunter gives me a boner.


I have a preference to Nollaig don’t know why but he’s calling me :joy::joy::joy:.

-Something off topic-
I searched for Nollaig prononciation yesterday and google gave me that :

At this moment i was laughing to death :joy::joy::joy:
Sometimes google tell so much true things :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I think it normally means December, or in some contexts, Christmas.

This makes sense, since Aibrean means April. :man_shrugging:


Yep , i know that just the translate made laugh with it’s suggestion. :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


Free2play players can usually finish 2 full lines at full price if they are active enough and above lvl 100. So I wouldn’t decide based on how much u can do. And anyways, if u aren’t in saph Tier you should be going for 2 tiers above your current tier. Otherwise you’ll be using a dragon that’s well obsolete


You would have to be really active and get the 450 every single time and only spend rubies on super sigils


It also depends on how many bronze chests you farm and how many rubies you saved up from the previous season.

Are u considering team prizes and achievements ? Well yeah that depends too


Ill just leave this here…chaos runes STILL not working.

Tengu and Fae. Same lvl. Same stats.