Aibrean vs Nollaig


Sorcerers perhaps aren’t a good means of testing that theory, especially given there has been tower buffs since their releases


I have proven they do not work. Prove they do.


Did you just shift the burden of proof after giving a picture that only you can verify is true? I’ll slap on my chaos runes and if you’re right, then pg should look into it… if you’re wrong, then I have a really nice attack boost. You want their attention? Start an entire thread about chaos runes, and I’ll hang on for the ride


No thanks, they know.


“They know” do you have proof? A public forum dedicated to your issue leads to a public investigation and announcement when it’s concluded, but you think posting it on other people’s threads is more productive?


Dear lord, why would i need to prove that PG knows that chaos runes does not work. Get up off me man lol

And yes im sure ppl wanna know, pg knows already. And what is the title or topic?


Why are you getting so defensive? I’m looking for results, and you’re feeding me baseless statements


They have exact same stats except for AP from rune rarity

Fae has 50% more chaos buff from runes.

They deal same increased dmg with the spell…

If u want more results than the actual evidence itself that i found personally then u can do your own research elswhere.

Im getting defensive because ppl arent even trying to understand it, 1st called it obnoxious (ironically) plus i just got the race card played on me, now again that i proved nothing then whats the point? Yall can have it.


Already on it, I asked genuinely… not to be annoying


Honestly I can’t interpret your evidence without making assumptions. I mean I’m pretty sure I know what you did but I can’t be absolutely sure. Making assumptions is not good when trying to pinpoint issues


All good, idk what more i could do though or feel like doing unless u prove a certain rune is in fact working.


I just edited and hopefully it is clear enough


Is clear now with the additional info. I could do additional nitpicking but that would just be me going into overanalytical problem solver mode :smile:


Well to be honest, I nearly got Equestor’s sapphire stone so, I think that I’ll get farther this season with Aibrean


What level are you? Do you do events?


Level 60 and I do events.


I haven’t spent anything, and I’m over halfway done with aibrean… successful season start


If I had spent all my sigils last season on just Equestor then I would’ve finished his branch. Sadly, I spent them to max Kayla and to get Kirin’s gold stone. But I’m still happy with a platinum Equestor to last me a while


Oh that’s why


I found this video of Nollaig on youtube, for the interested one :wink: