Aibrean vs Nollaig


Warrior still has issues with the farms, other than that he looks pretty good. Not sure what level they were, but figured his attack buff would help more against them


Warriors are made more for survival though.

Actually, true :thinking: i just seen the player level.
Oh well :man_shrugging:


Yep that was my thought when i saw these farms.
I can equip death gaze and kill the others with winter’s bite power. :thinking:


Is just weird to me farms would be so high while the rest seems so low. At some point u gotta wonder, “ok, my farms appear to me doing much better…why?” lol


Watch that video…bite doesn’t freeze mid - air projectiles.


This one that I just recorded does…

Nollaig: Is He Good?

That’s so strange… I’m confused now


My guess there’s a delay on when the finger gets put on the tower and the flame gets there?


Maybe. Though could be a glitch…


I strongly disagree with this. I’m an elite only player at lvl 117 and it took a lot of grinding just to get the garnet stone for avyx. Completing 2 lines is impossible without paying…
I’m only breeding platinum dragons now though…


And i strongly disagree with you too. I am also an elite only lvl 142 player, playing since August and never bought a pack. In winter season, i completed the Leos and Kirin branch fully on discount (sucky dragons but discount goodies are efficient). Also got the egg token bonus ofc. I also got the first page of Tor and completed the Kayla branch.

So if you count sigils and ignore the discounts i got the egg bonus, completed 2 branches and got the first page of another branch. Takes a lot of grinding and activity. But its certainly possible and by being even more active one could get even more sigils than i did.


You typically have to save rubies for about 3 seasons to get a mythc if you are f2p…and that’s being really active each season


Consider the following:

  • How many rubies did u save for sigil chests?
  • What league team are u in?
  • Do u farm bronze chests?
  • How do u spend your rubies?

Because I didn’t buy a single value pack during the WinterTide season and I had 2000 rubies to start. The previous season I bought a $20 value pack to push for a final stone on necryx. I ended up with Obsidian Avyx, Garnet Equestor, Egg Token branch, and 2000 sigils into tor. I had 16k rubies and 70 gold chests at the end of the season…so I could have done more.


I strongly disagree with this. It’s all about what you are willing to sacrifice. You can complete all lines if you are willing to cut out parts from other seasons. Its possible to get f2p mythics if you save.


Paid only for Elite. Got 2 full lines - Equestor and Kayla (missed discount, so took it for the full price). Almost no rubies at the beginning of winter season. About 85k at the end, spent on sigil chests. Leveled from about 70 to 96 during the winter. Platinum 3. So it is possible. Just be active in the events.


This was the first time I saved enough rubies for the sigil chest. I usually use them each pvp event. I manage to get to the 450 most events. Not really done chest or token runs nor have I got the egg token boost.
I’m in gold 2 though…


It’s just the beginning of season. With your lvl, I strongly recommend to change the league to Platinum 3 or 4. The prizes from events are much better there - especially sigils. 3 or 4 - doesn’t matter regarding sigils in prizes - all platinum has the same. The difference between 3 and 4 is the amount of tokens each day and, may be, the amount of wars - but that depends on your team lvls.

Also, try to avoid spendig rubies on gold chests - opening the season branch far enough will help a lot - there are many gold chests at the end. After that, you will have chests to open during events, receive more points in events, get better prizes -
more sigils and tokens and rubies, more prizes from seasonal branch from that sigils, save rubies to get even more sigils, and so on. It’s all connected.


I did not have to work hard at all, am elite only, and got Leos to Sapphire and Avyx to Emerald. I only reached level 100 in the last event of the season.

Ps, I did not start elite until part way through.


Same here!


For my low level I think a warrior is the smart choice (even without discount). Besides, I have Necrix, Ettin and Enky as hunter. So, three hunters, four if I count Drude, and just two warriors that matter, Chimerak and Leos (maybe four with Amarok and Kirin). Lack at sorcerers, since I only have Equestor.