Aibrean vs Nollaig


This season you may want to more focus on a single dragon instead of trying to get all 3. It becomes unreasonable (unless you are a very big spender) to get more than 1 or 2 dragons to a high enough level to use them for a long time.


You’re perfectly right! That’s what I’m going to do. As I said, I’ll bet on Nollaig, Noël in French (as far I understand). I’d like to take him to sapphire (as Equestor - Leos is only gold, Chimerak and Necrix green), and also get the first part of a rider, but I think I’m waiting for the second.

BTW, I’m not a spender, I’m a pure F2P.

Thanks for your answer and advice.


The projectiles freeze in the air. It really is a visual glitch if they do not. As long as the tower is dead before the freeze wears off, he takes no damage.


It doesn’t. The payoff for grinding drops dramatically. If you did that well, you about maxed what you could have done with grinding. :man_shrugging:

You cannot possibly grind enough in a single season to get the final prize as a free player. You will have to save for at least 2 seasons (realistically 3).

Now…if the sigils carried over…

But they don’t.


I’m level 77, a pure f2p player. Completed Avyx lines and first page of Kirin (and the token branch minus the token boost).









/wanders around, confused/


But… why



I guess he must have used with leftover sigils


Yes. I finished Avyx’s path a few weeks before the end of season.
Only spent the leftover sigils on Kirin and Token boost (moreover, I’m not using rubies for mision speedups)


Hell i used lvl 15 Nightshade from like lvl 80-140 bc i hate farming tokens so much lol & research.


Well the payoff for grinding in events maybe goes down, but you can always hunt bronze chests :slight_smile:
I dont have time for that, with a job and all that, but if you really no-life on this game (in my holiday week), then farming 1000 bronze chests per week is possible, but takes a LOT of time…
Thats a lot of timers, egg tokens and sigils extra, and items like packs and inners that help in events…

But yeah, for people with a job that’s not realistic.

I’m gonna get Corthanak this season, without buying a pack. Or at least i’ll try :smiley:


I’m doing pretty well with Aibrean. He’s amazing! I’ve already got a few tricks with him at just level 4


I highly recommend getting the token boost ASAP each season. It makes a world of difference even if you don’t speed missions with rubies


I’ll try after these discount weeks…


Your call. It’s only 3150.

I’m currently sitting on 173K tokens. Though I fly a lot I don’t normally speed missions beyond ensuring I do 5 middle missions a day.

The good news is you will get double tokens this week anyhow because of breeding event so your way might have been smarter actually.



That was my thinking of waiting till after discount to get token bonus: only miss a week of token boost,


If I wind up 3150 short of finishing discount dragon I will be kicking myself.