Aibrean - Who's got him, and what do you think so far?

While he’s cheap, let’s get some videos and first-hand impressions.

I’m sure there have to be several people who already have leveled him quite a bit by now…

Here’s gameplay of him on Odin’s channel


I’m not a high level flyer myself, but this looks like it could be a lot more effective. Why not throw a renewal at the farms on the long island to top off rage? Why cast flash on the second short when there’s just an ice turret left which it doesn’t stop? Why not take out the blue mage and ice first on the first island so you can flash the flak?

This isn’t meant to be a smart-ass comment btw, I don’t have the dragon and don’t fly at high level, so I’m genuinely wondering if there’s something I’m missing.

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It definitely could be a lot more effective, but I don’t plan those videos out to make it realistic to what I would normally do. I glanced at the base to see where a few key towers were then I went which is what most people do I would say. I don’t have time to look at the base and study it when I’m rushing for food at the start of a feeding event for example, I just gotta wing it. But yeah, I agree, there were things I could of done better but it was also 4am when recording it and I had been doing xp runs/farming food constantly for 8 hours lol, was a little tired.

(And for the flash on the short island, that was to slow down to gain a little rage which is one of the nice things about flash. And also was testing if it dodged the projectiles from the perch dragons, which I found it doesn’t.)


And to answer the OP’s question, I kinda am liking him. I’ve been practicing this morning with him a bit and he seems useful on short bases as long as you can kill the front towers before the storm shield can reach the towers. He isn’t Necryx though for sure…

That spring renewal is actually quite nice, you can get a lot of rage from using it. It also makes it so even if you get rage drained and can’t dodge it, you can still reach the main island with almost full rage. It’s pretty useful against defenders.


Why do people call other’s OP? I don’t get it? I thought OP means OverPowered?? :thinking:

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I believe it means opening post/original post lol…actually not sure.


OP = Original Poster :wink:


OK I get it! Thank you :kissing_heart:

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it does mean overpower as well, not many use it here that way but just look at the context and see what makes more sense.

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I’m entering on garnet and hes green, so the weaker bases I get for him in early green are level 100. I cannot go past strong islands but I believe part of the reason is being used to heal mark with no cool down, so it will take a bit more of practice

Is aibreab better then avyx ?

Really depends on the person, Aibrean has flash, but it’s not cloak, his heal gives rage, Avyx’s does not. But it’s no competition if you’re in harbinger, since Avyx only goes to obsidian

I’m in emerald

I like Aibrean very very much. Currently lvl 17 manages 217 farm with an extra spell. Not too much experience with protected bases… visually he looks beautiful. He definitely doesn’t have problems with rage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

can anyone pls post the stats of the runes?

I think Airbrain is gonna be very nice. Mines not very high lvl yet, but can see the potential.
Especially with ideal runes, and once those runes are fixed and actually work :slight_smile:

Still not fixed @NotOwl?

No eta on a fix yet.

OP Dragon - Oppression meaning here is giving stress to the tower rather than defensive type dragon.
Talon Frenzy, Tidal Surge or Chaos spell dragon usually is OP dragon. Necryx or Hauheset is defensive dragon because it is more like setup base dragon for second dragon to kill the tower.

:heart_eyes:I have watched the video by TheGreatHOdini and indeed very good guide for new Flyer for Aibrean dragon. However, I still need to practise it so many times because always confuse after using so many dragon spell. Do you all agree ? LOL
I just speechless to said it is no good and watch out defenders for this dragon you may be surprise by it ability and senseless of defending if it had Mystic Chaos rune working on it.
PG please provide free to us.

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