Aibrean - Who's got him, and what do you think so far?


Im still learning to fly her but I really like her so far. I still need to test her out against properly defended bases but I feel like she has potential. Granted I only have her in platinum currently. REALLY hate the shaking effect of flash though. The glowing I get but I dont get why they’d make the whole screen shake. Makes it feel like your dragon has a massive caffeine problem

I feel like NR has a lot of potential for setting up a backup dragon


Just an update, actually really enjoy flying this guy. Got him maxed Obsidian and he’s able to set up bases and kill short bases with ease. That spring renewal spell also works for the backer, so you can just slap one of those down and the backer has a quick two rage even if you end with 0. So yeah, I think I’ll be using him a decent amount.


agreed the screen shaking from flash spell activated is quite too much


I like the shaking screen as it allows me easiness to understand when the spell finishes :sunglasses: He’s maxed on gold (around 2.5M) and cleared my invader level 155 (16.5M). Can’t complain 🤷


His flash should be white spell.




Here’s a link of me flying Aibrean.


Here is a 38 on lvl 50 Invader towers. Does pretty well. Will make some more videos when he is higher. At 48 now will be 54 minimum by end of this event.


Nice, but being that the Invader is mostly a projectile base, spamming flash is all it needs to get the base down.


After getting Aibrean leveled enough to be useful, I have mixed feelings about him.

He’s fun to fly, and I love tweaking through new Hunter skill/spell combos and strategies with “difficult” drags like Hauheset. That said, he has his limitations, and so far seems in no way the equal of drags like Necryx and Noctua and Neptus and Estril, no matter how skilled the flyer.

And I know people like to sneer at the suggestion of white spells, but his lack of a mage-disabling spell is really what makes him fall shy of drags like Noctua and Necryx, whose white spells really make all the difference. I would question the sincerity of anyone who claims they’d opt for him on a solo war hit over Necryx or Noctua or Neptus.

Also, I personally find the cooldown on Flash and Renewal annoying, making him more vulnerable than hunters with Cloak and/or Healing Mark at critical times during battle.

That said, he is a fun addition to the hunter-lover’s arsenal, with perhaps his most useful application being a setup dragon (like many hunters), with the excellent ability to drop handy rage/heal marks behind for secondary attackers; although Chaos (especially with mythic runes left over from Tengu) also makes him a decent closer for taking out lvl 60 farms and mills — an area where many hunters fall short — particularly since he can generate his own rage (as long as he has enough for at least one Renewal cast beforehand) which allows for repeated castings (although here’s where the cooldown is irksome again…). So he does have some diversity working for him.

Not the best hunter out there, but far from the worst.


Great detailed feedback :+1::beers:


i have him level 25 now, can handle 312 pretty well. the only hunter that can take lot of damage and heal instantly




Not if he has no rage to drop a Renewal after being drained by a big mage, and not if there’s a red mage blocking the spell — and if he’s just tapped down a lvl 60 mage, he’s probably too low on ammo to take on surrounding towers…and that’s provided there’s not another red mage nearby, or a blue one blocking the other two spells that might save him. The 312 or Invaders have no mages. It’s a whole different story on a live base, especially with defenders. Just saying.


that’s why im saying taking damage not taking mage, different game plan with mage i guess. pretty strong at level 25 and didnt try yet to take level 60 tower. :grin:


Clearly she doesn’t know about Avyx or Ferga lol


my greatest hunter is karna, after dactyl


… No Ettin? Whalegnawer? Consurgens?


Okay, those are legit dragons too :laughing: but I’m soldidly in Garnet tier lol. The next lineage dragon I’ll get with heal mark is Ferga, an emerald dragon. Sometimes it’s easier to forget about dragons that are in tiers you’ve moved beyond.


ferga is great too, i watch his crumble to dust awesome spell working great with sand of hau or necryx. you doing great in breding from there, said from green man :grin: