Aibrean's convienence

I personally like this dragon just wish its flash ability was a white spell :slight_smile: …Thoughts?


If you like it as is why does it need to be white?

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Makes it slightly stronger :wink:

White spells are actually nerfed, because there’s no mage tower to stop it

Flash just lowers tower accuracy so it being white would be beneficial in that way

Please stop… you can’t imagine how many newer players think white spells are the only thing that’s good, balance is really important, a white flash would probably have a 2 second duration as opposed to 4


Nope. Don’t make it white. I don’t wanna hear cries of how it’s OP because even mediocre fliers can press a white spell button any time they want.

Hunters are meant to be flown using skill to surgically remove towers in the correct order. If you do it right, with this spell grouping you shouldn’t need a white spell… and if you can’t do it then practice flying and get better.


Flash is 100% evasion… Nor sure what you mean by lowering accuracy. :man_shrugging:

Probably frome game’s description that says you have a “chance” of dodging projectiles. Iirc it used to be less than 100% but was changed because it sucked. If so then most likely description just wasn’t updated. That type of thing seems to happen a lot

Could be.

I’ll see what towers it is effective against… but it is 100% evasion, which may mean everything.

AS best I can tell, without taking too much time, these are the only things it will not dodge:

Edit: I have seen video of Blue Mage SS being dodged with Flash… So, not sure what this means. Maybe they can all be dodged and this field in this file is no longer used.

All flak (including fire flak death) is dodgeable. So, with 100% dodge, these should be the only things that can land a hit while you are in flash.

Actual play may reveal others, but this is what is indicated, as best I can tell.

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So a blue mage super attack spell will hit you if you use flash outside it’s cancellation range? :thinking:

I have heard blue mage ss can be dodged but have not tried it myself since my Airbean is still a baby

I have him on my alt account, but that account isn’t high enough level to get divines their third spells yet :woman_facepalming: I decided to prioritize getting the breeding token bonus on this account (my main).

You can dodge blue shots if you kill the blue and use flash

The shot goes away… You didn’t really dodge it

Same result.

Shots don’t disappear after killing the mage :thinking:


Chaos should be white as well.

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I blocked blue mage yesterday… twice.

Do tell. Love to know why it needs to be white… especially since if it was you could basically get rid of the other spells and just spam it.

I dislike spammers.