Ailuros75 Looking for new teammates

LFM –ailuros75
Language: English or Italian if you’re bilingual i could :yum: you (joking)
Time Zone: Any
League Sapphire 3
Played time: very/active
Player level: 300 but if tad lower it be ok
About: in the year 2016 out of curiosity i downloaded war dragons and within a month i inherited a team and became a leader and also became addicted not because of the game but the players in it. About a year ago we merged with a Italian team called Ailuros75 . Thank god for Google translate and amazing
players that are bilingual. Due to my teammates and especaily my officers our team is still alive and competitive when sadly so many has died. I have the honour and privilege of having many teammates that over the years stand by my side through thick and thin.Unfortunately life changes and some teammates have to leave the game for some reason or other and like many we are now recruiting. If your looking for a friendly, competitive but understanding team please apply. All we ask of you is what most teams want from a teammate stay active, show up for wars, compete in events and atlas , ask questions, give tips, ask for help if needed and above all just have fun. You can apply to team or message me ladykelly in game if you have any questions


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