Aint no lie...BYE BYE Bye Duskfall by Nsync 👀


Well this has been my favorite season thus far!! I’d have made a poll but god forbid the forum gods wouldnt like it :joy::joy:…might be biased ya know! Now it’s over and let’s recap and finally say Adios!

How did everyone do this season?

(I personally got Egg token boost, Cav, Steven :roll_eyes:, "Pay"thox, Somnus, and Portia…and free horse man branch)

Obvi if you were a whale you did good :grin: grats to you…

Feel free to share how far you got in branches…
Did you spend alot?
Did you use mostly strategy and planning?
How did you prepare for this season? Next season?

What are your current plans for next season ?

(I personally am rdy for this coming season, not my favorite, but maybe it will be ok… going Into next season with 1k bronze, 250 gold, and 100k rubies…
Let’s buy some dragons… wooot!)


As an E2P player, I managed to finish Pathox’s line with 192 bronze chests, 163 gold chests, and 200k rubies leftover for next season. Sadly no egg token boost here :cry: I was too woried at the start of the season that I wouldn’t be able to finish Pathox if I got it.

Edit: Ohhh, totally forgot about the headless horseman line :rofl: I’ll probably never use those avatars myself but I paid the sigils to get every single one (skipped the rest of the stuff in the line, just got the avatars :slight_smile:)


I am an elite player, and cave in to buying Atlas elite perhaps every other week. Other than that, I spend not $ on w.d. for packs and such. I entered the season, rubies jingling in my belt purse, with high hopes to achieve my first mythic (and a hunter at that :+1:).
Before Cav’s discount expired however, I decided that the paltry 55k rubies and 70 gold chests that I have were certainly no guarantee that I’d reach Pathox; or worse yet: start him and be compelled to spend to finish. Wherefore I submitted to my sense of pride certainly and took the 100% ET bonus and kicked back.
Honestly, even given what a fierce and majestic bird Pathox turned out to be, I cannot say that I regret my decision. I ended up with the 100%(200%) ET boost, some odds and ends from the Headless Horseman line, and Prospero :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Debate Path vs Pros all you want guys and gals…I LOVE my Prospero…like woah. At the conclusion of this week’s fortification event I used my remaining sigils to claim helpful prizes (golds, tokens, IF, etc…) as efficiently as I could, rather than claim Pros Vanguard stone (I’m 172…that’s a waaaaaaaays off).
So, I rounded out the season with nice breeding and base progression, a new favorite dragon, and will be entering next season with 140k rubies and 45 golds. Not to shabby overall, I think. :+1:


Lol so did I hahaha… forgot.about it… :joy:


Finished Pathox and egg tokens. Didn’t spend at all this season because of…well…PG.

Planned to make this a big season, so saved last season for rubies and chests. Finished pretty comfortably. Starting next season with 80 gold chests and a tad over 10k rubies, so it’ll be a saving season. Will finish hunter and egg boost.

Oh, and got bunches of atlas gear and about to finish malus :slight_smile:


I managed to finish Pathox’s line with 192 bronze chests, 163 gold chests, and 200k rubies leftover for next season.

Yeah…you just barely made it then didn’t you. Looks at my pile of 140k rubies that I’ve been saving for two seasons.

Edit: I will say this: once mid season I pissed my wife (who has a WD account of her own) off. She punished me by spending 12k rubies.:roll_eyes::rofl:


Lmao that’s what i was thinking too :joy::joy: I say she has been saving those rubies for a season or 2 though if shes e2p only


Or those swag bags from the summit contained RUBIES! :scream::scream::scream:


Oh lort! You’ll start a riot up in this thread take it back :joy::joy:


I await her denial. :upside_down_face:


If I had an egg token bonus my ruby stash would be waaaaay lower, but no bonus meant I wasn’t tempted to spend rubies to speed up missions. Amazing how many you can accumulate when they don’t keep vanishing to get you more egg tokens lmao :rofl:


I started playing 2nd week Summerflare (I know, somehow I stuck with the game), so this season was much kinder to me. I got the 200% egg token boost, Cav up to gold tier, a couple goodies from the Headless Horseman branch, and maxed Prospero.

I am thrilled with Prospero! What a fantastic dragon (my only good divine) and my introduction to a new love affair with hunters. Next season I’m looking to max out Gunnar so he’ll hopefully have a pretty strong buddy to play around with. Also looking to pick up the offensive rider(s), egg token boost, and maybe another dragon during the season.

Edit: Was able to save up 285k egg tokens this season and I’m about to break into Platinum. This should be helpful. :grin:


Jeez. I don’t know whether I envy you for your stash or not :laughing:

Obsidian Prospero, Emerald Cavaleris, 200% boost, Portia(‘s first line. row? ha.), 261 golds, 772 bronzes.

And 608k egg tokens and 8226 rubies. Will probably finish all my rubies tomorrow. :v:

Progressionwise? I’ve set myself up to get the platinum construction boost once breeding rolls around, when I’ll also start on Sek + Scorch for Icicle 1. In terms of my base, I’m 121 now. Will be leaving my electro behind soon in favour of a fire turret, but I haven’t done that yet :slight_smile:


I agree I think Gunnar will be good…

I think somnus was the hidden gem that no one got… tricky to fly at times but is an utter beast for a sorcerer…hands down the best legendary I’ve got since axi…

Time will tell


Nice haul on the eggs Kate… dayummmm!!


Some of my teammates really like Somnus. I was hoping to get his Red Stone, but alas, I was only able to finish Prospero’s line with 4 rounds of Sigil chests and high event performance during fort. Next season I am hoping will be worth a higher degree of effort; I didn’t try too hard this season due to the many ways PG fucked us over bumming me out.

Edit: How in the hell do you consider Somnus better than Pathox?

Edit2 Electric Boogaloo: I can’t read.


Pathox and Lorenzo. 125% egg boost.
I did purchase 1 big pack this season and have been mostly F2P but purchased main game 1 month elite last week.

Left with 87 gold chest and 32k rubies to start new season.


It was a pain. It’ll pull me over the sapphire wall and a bit of garnet, but, never again.


Lol read again please…

Legendariesssssssss :joy:

Pathox is a mythic good sir